Love Lilly

Ever since her farther died, Lilly has been writing to him in hope that one day he would return.

When problems start happening at school Lilly is questioning her own life. Her mother is desperate for Lilly to give one last chance or the family will fall apart. Lilly decides there's one thing in the world that means a lifetime to her-the boy with the Hazelnut hair.


1. The Funeral

Dear Dad, 

Today is possibly the worst day I've ever had, your funeral. In the mourning it wouldn't stop raining, like even the clouds were crying that they missed you. I walked to the flower shop with Digbee and bought the most beautiful roses-the white ones with no brown bits, just how you like them. Digbee didn't like the rain, as it got his fur all soggy but I gave him dog treat to make it up to him. I let him sit on my bed whilst I sang to him with my guitar, like you did sometimes to me. I've written a new song about you, it's called 'Today is just a dream'. Digbee likes it and wags his tail when I play it. I wish you could hear it. 

Anyway, on our way to your funeral I was watching the clouds and couldn't help wondering, is that where you live? You know, after you...pass away? Are you watching over me right now? Oh, I wish you could speak to me. At your funeral there were loads of tears, I cried loads and so did mum. I thought the place would sink. Inside the tent Tony was there with his big smug face. He came over to me and said how sorry he was-whilst smiling and looking at his nails like a teenage girl. I punched him right in the face and he laughed and pushed me over. Digbee growled whilst Ginger purred and walked away with Tony. That's when I came home. No one noticed I mean I'm just a sixteen year old girl. When I got home it was nearly ten so I've got out my shiny pink diary, the last present you ever got me, and I've started writing to you. Well, Digbee's snoozing away now so I better get to sleep. Goodnight Dad..

Love Lilly

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