Love Lilly

Ever since her farther died, Lilly has been writing to him in hope that one day he would return.

When problems start happening at school Lilly is questioning her own life. Her mother is desperate for Lilly to give one last chance or the family will fall apart. Lilly decides there's one thing in the world that means a lifetime to her-the boy with the Hazelnut hair.


6. Tear filling eyes

Dear Dad

It was Tuesday today and I had an alright day. The teasing had got worse but no one threw anything at me. I felt sick when Sherry came in. She glanced my way, scowled and sat down two seats behind me. She grabbed my book and threw it gently at her boyfriend. Tony let it hit his stomach and yelled. "Aaah! Miss! Lilly threw her book at me!" "She just doesn't know when to stop!" Cried Sherry tauntingly. Miss Sterworth scowled at me and said "Do we really need to have a little talk about these things, in detention Lilly?" "No." I murmured. "Detention?!" Sherry complained "She should be suspended." I wiped away my tear filling eyes and pushed my way out of the room snatching my stuff back on the way. "Uh oh. Someones upset!" Tony laughed. "Maybe they should go home and talk it through with their dad, huh." Sherry taunted. That was it. I won't ever let anyone insult you like that dad!! I threw my stuff on the floor, almost tearing the carpet, and threw myself on her. I pulled her hair and she bit my arm. The class was wooing and cheering and the teacher rolled her eyes and left the classroom.  I pushed on hard arm hard until everyone heard a snap. Everyone was silent. I stood up. "Don't say a word about my dad. Ever again." I left the room.

When I went home I wouldn't stop crying and I still am now. I hate every one at that stinking school. In fact I can't live with them. I won't live with them! I won't live at all. I was gonna get a knife downstairs but then a piece of paper floated into the room and landed at my feet: Don't give up. Another one came in after : Hazelnut hair.  Was that you dad? I don't know. If it was... thank you, because now I know what matters to me the most; The boy with Hazelnut hair.


Love Lilly

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