Love Lilly

Ever since her farther died, Lilly has been writing to him in hope that one day he would return.

When problems start happening at school Lilly is questioning her own life. Her mother is desperate for Lilly to give one last chance or the family will fall apart. Lilly decides there's one thing in the world that means a lifetime to her-the boy with the Hazelnut hair.


2. I couldn't help it

Dear Dad,

Today was thursday, my LEAST favorite day of the week. When I arrived, a 12th grader pushed me over flinging my bag to the ground. He said sarcastically "Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't see you there. Oh, please don't set your dad on me, oh wait, what dad? Haha!" He ran off before I had time to pick myself up and mess with him-which trust me, I would have done. When I got to class it was same old, same old;boys flying paper planes around, girls gossiping, me by myself. You know, I can't wait until I'm famous, then all of them kids will be begging for my autograph and complaining that they should be famous as they grew up with me. Then, when my agent asks me, do you know these people, I'll just simply say "No" and smile. Aahh those would be the days. Even the teachers would get zero credit for teaching me. I would deny ever knowing any one of these freaks, especially Tony. Fwack! I turned round glaring holding the pencil case that had previously hit my back. "Well, give it back then.." A blonde girl said. I was mad. Like seriously mad and fed up. It happened every day: Some guy or girl would throw something at me then expect me to give it back. Not any more. I stood up, and ignoring the teachers response, I threw the tin pencil case out the window. I heard a scream the a crash. The class ran to window. I could almost feel the regret flowing into me. "Sherry! She hit Sherry! I think she's unconscious!" I felt like screaming. My mind was on fire. Sherry Pinworth, the most popular girl in school, also, Tony's girlfriend. Tony's gonna kill me and I'm lucky if not literally. I sprinted home as soon as the bell went. But I've getting texts from him and not just him, from pretty much everyone. Saying "Wow anger issues!" "It was just a joke but now I've lost my designer pencil case!" "Sherry could be scarred for life!" "What were you thinking?!" Please help me dad. I don't know what to do. The doorbell's rung three times tonight. Every time I begged mum not to open it. But when I looked out of the upstairs window the second time it happened, it turned out to be the milkman. I wasn't sure about the first and last because the first time I was too scared to look and the third time I had to feed Digbee. I just don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. I would do anything to be anyone except me. Please help, dad..? 

Love Lilly

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