Love Lilly

Ever since her farther died, Lilly has been writing to him in hope that one day he would return.

When problems start happening at school Lilly is questioning her own life. Her mother is desperate for Lilly to give one last chance or the family will fall apart. Lilly decides there's one thing in the world that means a lifetime to her-the boy with the Hazelnut hair.


7. His Smile

Dear Dad

I went to see Jake today at the park. It was cold so we shared his coat on a swing. I smiled at him and he smiled back. His smile was like gold- priceless. My hair blowed around loads and it scratched my face but I took no notice. I was sitting on Jake's lap as there wasn't much room but he didn't mind. We stayed there for a while, looking deeply into each other's eyes. Finally we went over to a big swing where we lay down and looked into each other's eyes again. He tucked my hair behind my ear. I smiled and looked down. He lifted my chin up and...kissed me. His lips were as soft as a rose. I didn't pull back. Our lips still together, he put his arm around my back and lifted me onto him. I then brought back my lips and lay my head down on his chest. I was well and truely in love. I went back to his house after and we took off each other's jumpers. I kept my vest on though. He kissed me quite a few times then. I relaxed yet joined in. I put my hand around his neck and he put his hand around my waist. Dad, I am happy.

Love Lilly

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