Ease my Mind. (Vampire love.)

It all starts off with a young girl trapped in highschool, a new world her parents introduced her to when she moved to america from Britan. Iris is new to the world full of drug dealers and hoes and pimps and drinking and partying, she get's caught up in a group of strange boys and girls who have a eye on her. Iris's new attachment to music controlles her every being. Like a demon inside of her these new "friends" Look to steal the melody that is within her soul.


1. lights.

"Dj, will you ease my mind.

Will you play that song again, because we were in love."

The bass dropped.

The euphoria inside of my body was boucing to the beats screaming from the huge speakers. My soul inside jumping to the pre-drop, i was getting pumped.

The extacsy inside of me tinglilng and making my pores sweat a beautiful mettalic oil that bounced off my forhead as the basses lowered and lowered. Dancing with all these lights it was like something was inside me. 

"Take me downtown.... tonight... i want to forget. 

I want lights to blind me.

I want to disapear.

Oh DJ, will you ease my mind will you."

I shouldn't have whispered that. My mind and life changed forever.



After exiting the rave a man took me by my hand and led me to his car, i couldn't tell you what it was but it looked like that batmobile. My mind in a pchycadlic phase i drove and drove, the time went by so fast. the whole thing like a dream. One moment i was in the car the next, it was a black dream.

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