I'm not gone yet

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  • Published: 19 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Christmas time for some is the worst time of your life


1. Murder's tear

The moon came out and everything went dark. Slowly the snow couple came to life between them there was a spark. Her heart -warming smile could easily melt his heart.

 But not all love stories end well and soon they were apart. When summer comes whose time will run out? Will it be hers or would it be his? Will any soul find that out?

The female Snow warned the male from time to time again but his idiotic mind will never end. When one day something went wrong, now the female must be strong. Her eyes water at what left of him. In the middle of the crime scene were  4 large paws print.

It’s Christmas Eve and people cheer but standing in the shadow the female Snow shed a tear. The anger flew in to her mind. She was looking at the girl’s window this time.

When the glowing sun fell and the blue moon rose, the girl window began to close. The female Snow appears in the girl’s bedroom.

“My revenge” she said and the girl’s life going to end soon. In the female Snow hand is a sharp knife and that was it for the poor girl life. Instead of bright present this family got a surprised that was unpleasant.

However, the girl’s scream haunted her killer. It echoed again and again. She tried her hardest but the scream never ends. Sooner than expect, summer arrived and the female Snow died. Not from the sun but from the girl’s brother.

“My revenge” He said and killed her without even bother. But … 


"But what grand pa?" little George ask with curious fill his sky blue innocent eyes. So innocent that it seem to be fake. Before grand pa could answer the front door of his cottage creak open. 

"Don't tell me you told him the story?" the boy's mother kindly ask. Grand pa nod silently.

"George, it's time to go now.Say bye to grand pa" George hop up from the wooden floor and hug his grand pa as tightly as a 7 year old boy can. He did not want to let go but against his will, he must.

"Bye grand pa" He said as he make his way out of the door with his mum. Together, hand in hand, they walk into the car then off they went. George wave as the car start to move forward. Grand pa could only smile back sadly and wave until the car had fully disappear down the foggy road.

"But the hole in his heart never got recover , a heart that was delicate as a flower" He whisper quietly . Tear slips down his tough and wrinkle face. However a murder's tear never mean a thing.

"A crocodile tear i see?" There was a crash inside the cottage. Blood was painted on the wall......

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