from the family of MALIKS

Its the story of ALIZAY MALIK ... she is a 19 years old girl..yes , she is a malik .. she is the daughter of zayn's uncle (zayn's father's bro ) you may think she is an ordinary girl .. bu sh is not even clos to ordinary ... she hae many secrets tht no on knows .. many dirty secrets. she is a stunt performer + much more .. she is too much famous like on direction .. but she nver talkd o zayn after he left for the X factor .. what is the reason ? Does sh hate zayn nd why? Find it out in this sweet love story ..<3


3. nightmare

&quot;No&quot; I shouted &quot;please no,what have I done ?&quot; I asked crying &quot;ouch ..ahh no .. your hearting me &quot; I shouted again ..he didn't Listened to me and placed his hands roughly on my mouth ...nd the other guy started to reach his hands on my shirt ..I couldn't even screamed for help because his hands were on my mouth ..I bit his hands and shouted ..&quot;ZAYN ..PLEASE ...HELP..NOOO..AHHHHH&quot;the man looked at his hand and got more angry .. he slapped me .. I shoted again for help .. but it was too late .. he grabed his hankey nd tied it on my mouth nd nd grabed my hands and push it against the table tht I was lying on ..the other man looked at my body for two seconds and came closer to my mouth nd started to unbutton my shirt .. he licked my cheeks .. tht were filled with tears .. I couldn't even move my body .. I felt like .. I am a statue ..he pulled my shirt awy nd threw it nd was cmng to pull my tank top .. I screamed from under tht cloth as loud as I can but I couldnt &quot;AHHHHHHHHH&quot; was all I could say nd then I woke up shouting
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