from the family of MALIKS

Its the story of ALIZAY MALIK ... she is a 19 years old girl..yes , she is a malik .. she is the daughter of zayn's uncle (zayn's father's bro ) you may think she is an ordinary girl .. bu sh is not even clos to ordinary ... she hae many secrets tht no on knows .. many dirty secrets. she is a stunt performer + much more .. she is too much famous like on direction .. but she nver talkd o zayn after he left for the X factor .. what is the reason ? Does sh hate zayn nd why? Find it out in this sweet love story ..<3


1. introduction of alizay

Alizay is a popular girl..she has long straight hairs which are curly at the end .. she dye her hairs very often so nowerdays her hairs are black but pink in ends.. her eyes are light blue .. big qnd really beautiful( you can see the cover ..she is the perfect girl for alizay) her father and mother both are muslims as alizay ..her bff is jawwad ,ameer,aroosa, zarish (zayn's cousin) waliyah and doniya (zayn's sister)she was not a popular girl in her school but some incidents changed her .. she was a very innocent girl but tht incidebt just changed her.. now read the next chap and find out ..what happened with alizay..? Btw alizay is a stunt performer .. she loves to play with her life .. she was a participant in a stunt show and came 3 rd ..she is also a super model ... nd sometimes she like singing as her hobby but she uploaded some songs covers on youtube nd her fans went crazy nd it came on celeb gossip nd sh got quite famouse for her singing..she like adopting pets...but not cute puppies or cats but baby cheetah ,snakes,she never listened to any teenage b&ocirc;ybands even if it was his own czn's ..she likes linkin park,heavy metal,slipknot,nd more..
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