True love

When lauren murray wakes up on the day of the one direction concert she has no idea what the day could have instore for her! Just finding out that 5 seconds of summer are going to be performing is the best news ever but lauren has no idea whats going to happen to her!!!!!


3. The Meeting

Lauren walked back into the arena in total shock, forgetting that she need the loo. She saw her mum infront waiting for her,

"Come on lauren we have 5 mins to get to our seats!!" So they both handed in their ticket and walked to their seats just as the light went off. Stage lights shot on and 5 young men ran onstage and everyone started screaming!

"Hello everyone we are One Direction!!! And here are 5 seconds of summer!!!" Those four boys ran onstage and lauren started screaming but she noticed somethig about luke, he looked worried, he was searching for something then he stopped and looked straight at lauren! He smiled and she smiled back, then he said,

"We are on for about an hour then we have got to go back to the tour bus and go home"

He winked at lauren and made a gesture which meant to meet him in an hour. Lauren enjoyed the rest of the show until she looked at her watch and 5sos ran off stage,

"Mum i need the loo i will be right back"

So she ran towards the toilets and out the fire exit but she still managed to hit luke with the door again this time landing beside him,

"Hi, oh my god i am so sorry about hottig you with the door, twice"

"No no its fine, i just wanted to talk to you but we only have 10 mins "

What they thought was ten mins ended up as 30 mins and lauren knew she was in trouble and as luke got up to go he held laurens hand and said, "call me" and ran off. Lauren opend her hand and he had handed her a note and she started to head back to the seats

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