True love

When lauren murray wakes up on the day of the one direction concert she has no idea what the day could have instore for her! Just finding out that 5 seconds of summer are going to be performing is the best news ever but lauren has no idea whats going to happen to her!!!!!


2. Are We There Yet?

Lauren looked beautiful in all her make up and her outfit, and it was time to set off. Lauren's little sister hannah had to come with her to the concert but at least lauren was with Charlotte, one of her friends. The whole journey there you could hear lauren and charlotte going,

"Are we there yet?!?" Over and over again!

When they finally got there lauren went pale white, she was feeling realy sick now, but in a good way. Once they got in the concert didnt start for another 10-15mins so lauren rushed to the loo's. She could hear her mum shouting something so she turned her head as she was running and flew out of the fire exit door and straight into a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes!

"Oh im so sorry i wasnt looking were i....."

Lauren stopped talking in astonishment, he had just knocked over THE Luke Hemmings!!!!!!!

"Its alright, ummm"

"Lauren, my names lauren"

"Cool name, my names luke"

"Yeh i know"

Luke stood up brushed himself off and helped lauren up. They gazed into each others eyes for what seemed like forever until 3 more boys came running round the corner grabbing luke and pulling him away.

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