Taylor? Or Jack?

Clair was just a "normal" fangirl? Over Magcon! Until one day she met them and maybe falls in love?? Read to find out!


1. meeting the people

Clair- Tallish, Brunette, Brown eyes, Skinny, in love with Taylor Caniff and Jack Glinisky.

MuKenna- Aka Kenna, Bonde, Blue eyes, skinny, Clair's BFF, in love with Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes.

The Magcon Family- Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Jacob Whitesides, Sam Wilkinson, Jack Glinisky, Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff, Carter Reynolds, Aaron Carpenter, Matthew Espinosa.

A/N) hey guys! So I've never wrote a magcon fanfic before and I'm still working on my other fanfics so I won't be able to update all the time. So just comment if you want me to! Like and favorite thanks!❤️

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