He's The One

Camila is a shy girl that has school #1 in her life. She begins a new chapter in her life, Senior Year. She has been preparing for this year since she can remember. That means Boys can wait a while till she graduates, but then a strange boy that she ran into in one of her classes changes all her plans. What happens when he becomes #1 in her life instead of school?


1. Senior Year Finally Begins

Camila's P.O.V

Senior year is here! I've been waiting for this year ever since I can remember and it's finally here! I'm glad for this year because I get into Texas Univeristy right after I graduate! Tomorrow is my first day of school and while everyone is out having fun, I'm studying for all the tests I'm having this year. Yes, I may seem a bit of a nerd but I don't care because I got into my dream collage. I was in a relationship for 2 years but I left him last week because I knew he would get in my way in school

I got a little tired from studying so I decided to spend time with my family. I walked downstairs and no one was there. Oh wait I forgot. It's Sunday so of course everyone is out of the house. My parents out of their meetings, my brother is out practicing football 24/7, and my 2 sisters are out partying since they are twins and do everything together. I grabbed a bunch of snacks and I sat down to watch some Netfilx. I was watching some cartoons and I got so interested in them that I didn't notice my brother Joseph entering the house. He grabbed my bowl of popcorn and dropped it all over me. "WHAT THE HEL- I mean HECK! WHAT THE HECK JOSEPH!" He just stood their laughing "You are such a pussy Cam! You can't even say hell! What kind of 17 year old are you!" "A well behaved one Joseph." He smiled and left the room. About 30 min later my parents walked in "Hey Mom and Dad I wanted to know if you wanted to wat-" I got interrupted "Sorry honey, we are very tired maybe next time" I just smiled and just kept on watching cartoons. After 2 hours passed my sisters came in laughing. They were drunk of course. "Hey Cam! Why didn't you go to the party?!" "Because I have a life Kaylee!" "Damn, don't be such a bitch!" "Karla I wasn't talking to you so leave me alone" Karla walked over to me and slapped me "Don't you ever think about talking to me like that!" Of course she could hit me, she was older than me. I'm the youngest and everyone ignores me but I don't care because I care about school more than my family.

I got very sleepy so I went went straight to my room. I laid down and I couldn't sleep because I was so excited. I was about to fall asleep until I remembered something that scared me so much! I forgot to set my alarm! What a disaster that would've been if I forgot it. I set it up and laid back down. Tomorrow is the start to my future. No one and I mean NO ONE will get in my way and that's a promise.

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