He's The One

Camila is a shy girl that has school #1 in her life. She begins a new chapter in her life, Senior Year. She has been preparing for this year since she can remember. That means Boys can wait a while till she graduates, but then a strange boy that she ran into in one of her classes changes all her plans. What happens when he becomes #1 in her life instead of school?


2. First Day Of School

Camila's P.O.V

I woke up to my favorite song ( Flights by Jack And Jack ) I got up and quickly got dressed. My alarm woke up my sisters because they sleep next to my room and the walls are really thin so they were being mean "I hope you get embarrassed today!" I could tell that was Kaylee because her voice was really loud "Yeah I hope you look like you barely woke up!" That was Karla because she always makes fun of the way I look. I ignored them and I kept on getting ready. I grabbed my things and my phone and walked downstairs. Joseph was sitting down at the table finishing his food and he looked at me "Did you just wake up" I punched him on the arm and he laughed "You hit like a girl!" Then of course Karla and Kaylee came downstairs and laughed at me with him. I ignored them and tried to look for mom and dad but they left to work already. I was about to leave but I forgot that I get my own car til my 18th birthday so I had to let one of my siblings drive me or borrow a car. I asked Joseph but he was leaving to practice "But you can just drop me off 5 min away from school and I can walk the rest." He shook his head no and left "Karla, can I get a ride or borrow?" She laughed "You really think I going to say yes?" I rolled my eyes and asked Kaylee "Can I borrow your car?" She stood there and laughed so hard! "You have to pay me to use it." Karla laughed and they both went upstairs. Great. I have no ride. I guess the bus is the only option since the bus stop is right in front of my house. I walked over there and waited. I hope it wasn't too late! I looked at the time and it barely left! School starts in 20 min so I have 5 min to get there. I started walking and I saw a familiar car. It was Joseph. He stopped "get in I'm deciding to be nice" I smiled and got in. It took less that 3 min to get there and I finally saw my favorite school ever Alvardao High

I was about to get out of Joseph's car when he stopped me "Hey Cam, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for being an ass to you. I just agree with Karla and Kaylee because they might tell mom and dad about Jazzy and I just know 100% that they hate her so I asked then to not tell anybody and now I have to agree on everything they says but from now on I'm gonna ignore them. I love you sis hope you have a nice day today." He leaned and kissed me on the forehead. I smiled "Love you too Joseph" I got out of the car and waved goodbye. I miss him going to school with me. We were 1 year apart and I can just sense I'm gonna miss him this school year. I entered the school when I saw my best friend Jerrica "JERRICA!!!! I missed you!!!" She hugged me and smiled "I MISS YOU TOO!" We stayed in the gym talking and then the familiar bell rang! "Time to get this party started" I smiled at Jerrica and left the gym. I was going to my Homeroom since it was my first period and I saw a lot of new faces. I was relived when I saw Jerrica in there so I sat next to her. The late bell rang again and class began. I sat in there listening to every tiny thing the teacher said when there was a loud bang in the door. I ignored it, but Jerrica turned around to see what it was. Then the teacher stopped talking "Excuse me young man. what is your name? And why are you late" I turned around and it was a very unfamiliar face "I came in late because I woke up late." The teacher didn't seem pleased "And your man son?" He looked around the class and looked straight into Jerrica's eyes and smirked "My name's Ian." The teacher looked annoyed I couldn't blame him, That kid was annoying! "why don't you take a seat son right next to Jerrica and Camila" He came in and sat right next to Jerrica. She smiled and turned to me "He's hot!" I looked at her and smiled "Dude, he is annoying" she smiled "Dude, that doesn't matter he is still really hot!" We laughed and the bell rang which was the next class.

* 3 Hours Later *

It was finally 4th period and right after that it was lunch. I entered the class and the teacher told me to stand next to the wall because there was going to be a seating chart. I stood there and finally the late bell rang. Everyone was standing there and no familiar faces came out so I was alone in this class. The teacher walked over to an empty desk "Is Camila Gilinsky here?" "Yes sir I am here" "You'll be sitting here and is Ian Yruegas-Dallas here?" There was a silence in the room "Well he will be sitting here." I hope Ian was a good kid but I also hope it's not the Ian from Homeroom" The class was going on very well and 5 min before the bell rang there was someone at the door. It was Ian from Homeroom. The teacher came up to him very angry "Where were you mister!" Ian smirked "Doing work in other teachers' classes" the teacher looked annoyed "What's your last name?" "Yruegas" the teacher seemed confused "Don't you mean Yruegas-Dall-" Ian interrupted him "Don't you ever bring up the last name Dallas! You hear me" the teacher looked scared "Mr. Yruegas you will be sitting next to Camila." He looked over at me and smirked and walked over to the table "Isn't this teacher an asshole" I ignored him and kept on reading my book "Damn don't have to be such a bitch!" I got mad "You remind me a lot of my sisters and you need to watch your language!" He laughed and put his arm around me "You single?" I pushed him away "Can you please leave me alone" He got closer but thankfully the bell rang and I ran out! Finally it was lunch time!

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