He's The One

Camila is a shy girl that has school #1 in her life. She begins a new chapter in her life, Senior Year. She has been preparing for this year since she can remember. That means Boys can wait a while till she graduates, but then a strange boy that she ran into in one of her classes changes all her plans. What happens when he becomes #1 in her life instead of school?


3. Finally! Home

Camila P.O.V

Finally the first day of school was over. I had to walk home since no one cared to come pick me up. It took me about 15 minutes to get home and it felt like 10 hours. I finally got home and I decided to have my usual which is getting a bunch of random snacks and I got on Netfilx. I decided to watch Red Dawn since it was my favorite movie in the world. I was too busy watching it when Karla and Kaylee sneak up behind me and pulled my hair.

Karla was laughing her ass off "Did you see the way she jumped and fell!" Kaylee didn't see but she just agreed with her like always. They took the remote and started watching their boring shows "Guys if you knew how to respect, I was watching tv already" Kaylee turned around and slapped me and this time it really did hurt. I ran upstairs to see where she hit me and I have a scratch on the side of my cheek and it was not small to tell you the truth! I went to Joseph's room and I saw him and my cousin Tanner watching tv. Tanner never hurt me or my feelings so I loved him very much. I showed them the scratch and Joseph just ignored me but Tanner actually paid attention. Tanner went downstairs to talk to Karla and Kaylee and I was with Joseph and it was the most quiet moment of my life. Joseph broke the silence "So why did you come and whine to me and Tanner about your scratch? Can't you see we are watching a movie here?" I felt bad "I'm sorry I just-" He interrupted "No one cares! Why can't you see that!" I guess I got really pissed because the next thing that happened was me slapping him. "What the hell happened" he said with that look where you are about to fight someone. I started stuttering "I-I-I-I don't know I j-just got out of c-control." He got up and pinned me against the wall "No one loves you! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR DAMN HEAD!" He removed me and say back down. I was in tears at this point. "I ACTUALLY THOUGHT YOU CARED BUT I GUESS NOT AND I HOPE I NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!" He smirked "Fine with me"

I was done with this world! I'm so done. I walked to my room and grabbed 5 pairs of clothes, my charger, my phone, and a backpack with a blanket. I was gonna run away since no one really cared about me and I believe it is true. It was finally 10:00 when my parents got home from their meeting. I was walking to their room when I passed by Karla & Kaylee's room with my whole family in there. I didn't want to go in but I stayed close like if I was spying on them and I got the recorder on my phone and pressed record. I couldn't hear them clearly but I knew my phone would. When I heard foot steps towards the door I quickly ran to my room and locked the door so no one could get in while I was listening to my phone. I began to listen

Mom- Ok so I heard from Tanner that Karla and Kaylee slapped Camila, is this true Joseph?

Joseph- No Camila just made it up, it was Camila that slapped Karla so Kaylee tried to move Camila away from them and Camila slapped Kaylee.

Kaylee- it hurt so bad mom!

Karla- She needs help because it really did hurt! And we love her so much so I don't know why she did that *begins to cry*

Dad- ok enough! We will got talk to Tanner and see if he can let Camila live with them since Camila hates all of you guys.

Joseph- I'll text Tanner!

Karla- Mom can I have Camila's room?

Kaylee- Yes finally!

Mom- Looks like this family is going back to normal.

Well isn't that perfect, my brother and sisters lying to my parents and now they want me to live with my cousin. Well I'm actually happy that I'm moving with Tanner and I will go myself because I don't wanna say Good-bye to these people! I grabbed my backpack (filled with my supplies) and my phone and I checked the time "11:30" everyone is asleep. I was going to sneak out my window but it's too high and I could die so I quietly walked downstairs and I saw a light in the kitchen. I walked slowly passed it and it was Karla, Kaylee, & Joseph. They were laughing and taking shots. Well I won't miss you guys either! I opened the door and I forgot that the alarm in the house was on so once I opened it, it started alarming and I quickly ran out the door and hid in the bushes next to the door. Everyone walked out and started yelling my name "Camila! Camila" I was laughing like they would actually care. They are scared because they might think I'm going to the police. They all got into the car and drove down the street. When I knew that the coast was clear, I got out of the bushes and started walking towards Tanner's house, he lived in the town next to us and it took 3 hours to get there by car but I honestly don't care how long I have to walk to get to the house of someone who cares. 30 minutes passed and I was barely leaving the neighborhood. This is going to be a long walk.

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