Queen of Hearts (16+) ~[A SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"]

[SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"] As time drags on, Zoey and Elijah finally become a couple, united as one. But Zoey knows that someday she will have to face her parents and move to Vermont but- well, that day is not today.


4. Something Serious

     The first thing I felt that morning was shaking. My arm- shaking. Someone was shaking my arm.

     "Zoey! Wake up! Wake up Zoey!"

     I opened my eyes, blinked a little, and nearly screamed.

     Okay, I did scream.


     "MOM!! DAD!!"


     I jutted back, and I tilted, screaming as I fell out of my bed. As soon as I touched ground I was up on my feet, shaking.

     "Oh... oh my GOSH!!!"

     "Calm down, Zoey," my mother urged.

     "Why are you HERE?!" I cried, tears streaming down my face (ugh, NOW I was crying?! Seriously?!). "How did you find us?"

     "Your little 'boyfriend' told us where to find you. Pack your stuff dear, we're heading to Vermont."

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