Queen of Hearts (16+) ~[A SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"]

[SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"] As time drags on, Zoey and Elijah finally become a couple, united as one. But Zoey knows that someday she will have to face her parents and move to Vermont but- well, that day is not today.


5. Our Last Goodbyes

     "How... HOW could you do this to me?!" 

     "It's for your own good, Zoey! I felt badly for throwing away your future. I'm doing this... well... for YOU."


     I paused, lower lip pooching out, eyes beading up in tears. "You're right," I choked. "But I don't want to lose you..."


     "We'll keep in touch, promise," Elijah said hopefully. He reached into his pocket and produced a shiny, jet-black Samsung Galaxy.

     I gasped. "Oh, no, no! You didn't have to get me this!!" 

     "It's for you. And you're keeping it, and I'm paying all the fees."

     "No!" I gasped, shattered that we would have to leave, but somewhat beaming. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight. "I'll miss you, babe..."

     "Wait," I interrupted, pulling away. "Where were you last night?"

     "Paying for the phone and using it to call your parents. They're still frazzled to this day."

     "Then... then HOW exactly did I fall asleep right after waking up and wondering where the heck you were?! It doesn't add u-"

     He then shut me up with a warm and gracious kiss. One that I would never forget.

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