Queen of Hearts (16+) ~[A SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"]

[SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"] As time drags on, Zoey and Elijah finally become a couple, united as one. But Zoey knows that someday she will have to face her parents and move to Vermont but- well, that day is not today.


3. Mystery Lingers

     It was evening, and Elijah and I were extremely ravenous. Though I was ashamed to admit it, we had basically been having sex all day. And it felt weird to stop.

     After a nice supper of leftover beef, Elijah excused himself to go to his tiny office in the back of the cottage. "But I wanted to take a nice beach walk tonight!" I protested.

     "Babe- it won't be long. I'll be back in like twenty minutes. Keep yourself busy. There's some ice cream in the fridge."

     But after he left, I was feeling curious. So, QUIETLY, I followed him to his office.


     I peered around the corner. He was on the phone with an unknown person...

     "Do I really have to-" His face creased in worry. I could see the fear in his eyes. But what was he afraid of? Who was he talking to?

      "Yeah, yeah, I understand. It's for the best. Yes... I'll do it tonight." He sighed and hung up. I quickly made a risky dash to my room before he could turn around and see me spying on him.


     I quickly mussed up the covers to as it look like I had had been laying in it. I grabbed a book and pretended to read it.

     Suddenly a familiar voice approached me. "Wait, you like 'Twilight'??"

     "Huh?" I said, peering at the title of the book I had picked up. "Oh, uh, no... I uh, I just knocked it over and was picking it up. 

     "Whose book IS this anyway?! I mean, it's not like YOU read 'Twilight'."

     "No..." Elijah sighed. "I used to live here with my family. This is my older sister s book. Bit then all the kids grew up and our parents died, so we parted ways. Of course, the family will stated that I would inherit the beach house, and that's exactly what I did."


     After a nice walk through the beach and up on the dunes, Eijah and I head home for some rest. We decided that because we were basically adults, high school was basically over for us. My dreams were crushed. All those years I spent preparing for a fancy college, and now look at where I had wound up!

     Oh well... at least I would always have Elijah.


     I tossed and turned in bed- the waves were soothing and calm, but for some reason I felt restless. I turned over to face my boyfriend and opened my eyes and whispered, "Wanna go all the way tonight, baby? I can't sleep, and-"


     But he wasnt there.


     I sat up. "Oh crap-- Elijah?? Where are you...!"

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