Queen of Hearts (16+) ~[A SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"]

[SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"] As time drags on, Zoey and Elijah finally become a couple, united as one. But Zoey knows that someday she will have to face her parents and move to Vermont but- well, that day is not today.


2. Let The Sunshine Pour In (SEXUAL)

     Morning. I yawned, stretched, and sat up in bed. I blinked a few times, adjusting to the morning light. Then I looked down, and I smiled. My boyfriend looks so cute when he sleeps, I thought fondly to myself.

     Then, as if my eyes were an alarm clock, Elijah shot up in bed, panicky and sweating. So much for looking cute...

     "Oh my gosh! What's wrong?!" I screamed, a bit frazzled by the commotion.

     Then he settled. "Oh... it was all just a dream." He turned to me and smiled. "I had a nightmare that you moved to Vermont."

     "Well, I'm not going anywhere, baby. Morning sex, how about it?"

     He wrinkled his nose at me. "You know one can only have so much sex."

     "Then let's make out, at least. I don't care. Just anything to get me going for the day."


     Elijah yawned. "Well... you asked for it..."

     Suddenly I was laughing like crazy. I had forgotten how good of a tickler Elijah was!!

     His fingers ran down my back and under my chin and up my shoulders- EVERYWHERE. Soon I thought my insides would split, and I begged him to stop, even though I didn't want him to.

     Finally his hands came to rest behind my neck. I was laying in the middle of the bed, front-side up. My lips aligned with his, and he smiled, lowering his lips until they sank into mine. He eased himself on top of me, kissing me more and more deeply. He gripped my arm and squeezed it. I groaned lustfully. I wanted to eat him up.

     But Elijah knew my game. And before my tongue could ask for entrance, his lips began trailing down my neck. When he reached my chest, he stopped and started over again. He began to get a little more aggressive. I could feel his body moving up and down against mine, and man did it feel good. I knew Elijah disliked morning sex, but the sexual tension between us was building. At any moment we could wrestle and began to tear each other's clothes off, until we were left exhausted and wet and happy, trembling as one in the sheets.

     I threw my arms around his neck as we continued to make out. I rose to my knees as we did this, and pushed myself on top of him. Now that I was dominant, I could do exactly what he wanted to do but do it for him. I ripped off his shirt, and slid off his pants like it was my everyday job.

     Oh- did I mention that I've had practice with this kind of stuff?


     Anyway, once he was naked, and I was too, we could take full advantage of each other. You can probably imagine just what we did.

      "Mmm," he sighed, sliding up to my entrance.

      I gasped when his ginormous tip, seeming even bigger than before, entered me, full size. Lucky for Elijah, he knew all my weak spots. He drove harder and faster into me, supporting his weight, and I fought the tears by making marks in his back with my nails.

     There was this spot, this one place inside me that I loved when he touched. "Do that spot," I murmured, sighing in effort. "Oh yes. Yessss... that's the spot."

     It felt so nice when he hit it, and I never wanted him to stop. It was such a perfect blend of everything in my life that had ever made me happy.

     I couldn't believe he was actually letting me give him morning sex. Oh, gosh, this was all too perfect.

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