Queen of Hearts (16+) ~[A SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"]

[SEQUAL TO "Queen For A Week"] As time drags on, Zoey and Elijah finally become a couple, united as one. But Zoey knows that someday she will have to face her parents and move to Vermont but- well, that day is not today.


1. A New Life?

     "Elijah... please..." I sighed, ambling among the rocks that did so prick my feet.

     Elijah turned around and glared at me. "Keep moving, Zoey. Do you really want to. Move to Vermont? I sure don't want you to."

     "Are you SURE this is the way to your stupid beach house?"

     "Positive," he replied with a sly wink. "And right after I secure it, you can go back and get your car and drive it over here."

     I groaned in an agitated manner. "ELIJAH! YOU ARE THE WORST BOYFRIEND EVERRR!"

     "Trust me, Zoey, I'm doing you quite a favor."

     "Wouldn't you just rather be DOING me?"

     Elijah sighed and shook his head, securing his foot on a high-up log he had to cross. I came over and gave him a big push, allowing him to jump to the other side. "I can see it from here. Come on!" And he helped me up.

     I had to admit, my boyfriend's cottage sure was amazing. It was extremely close to a beach I used to go to when I was little. The cottage, on the inside, smelled of sea breeze and fresh, vivid beach memories. I felt at-home, almost. I almost forgot everything I was leaving behind- school, the play, my parents...




     Elijah and I really weren't sure how we'd live in the cottage. However, we both had lots of money, and motivation to make things right. And for now, our love was all we needed.

     "I'll go get your car, if you want," he offered kindly. "Just give me the keys."

     "Promise you won't scurry off??" I joked, handing him the controls to my brand-new Prius.

     "Promise. Just you don't try to escape, either."

     I laughed. "Promise."


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