Little Miss Popular

Amberly Parker, the most popular girl at the school, sees everything as lower then her. She believes she is better then everyone, and worth more then every single student at the school put together. She is what some would call the schools slut, sleeping with nearly everyone. Apart from Harry Styles. He seems to be bullet proof against her beauty and charm. Amberly hates him and he her, so they fight endlessly. How will this end? Will Amberly finally realize everything isn't as perfect as she thought? Or will she forever be alone? . . .



"Hello?" Harry's thick raspy voice answered on the second ring.

"Heeeeeeeey," Rose purred and I held back a gag.

"Is this Amberly?" He laughed. I realised his words were slurred. Who gets drunk on a Thursday night?

"No, what makes you think that?" Rose said, a smile threatening her full lips.

"I don't know . . . You're too nice to be her anyway," he slurred, then stopped. "wait . . . It said Amy was ringing."

I covered my mouth to stifle my giggles from his choice of words. I tried to ignore my annoyance at him calling me Amy instead of Amberly.

"No, it's Rose, do you remember me?" she said sweetly, and I had forgotten what a flirt she was, even if it was with someone I completely despised.

"Oh yeah . . . Your Amberly's friend. yeah?" His words were mumbled, he must of had quite a lot to drink. What an idiot. I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow with his hammering head from all the drinks he consumed.

"Yeah. . ." Rose frowned. She didn't like being known as 'Amberly's friend' as much as I didn't like being known as hers.

I laughed at Rose's annoyance then clamped my hand back over my mouth as I realise the noise was aloud. "Fuck," I whispered.

"Amberly? is that you?" I could just see his smirk. "Nobody has a dirtier mouth then Amberly Parker."

"Fuck you Harry."

"Thank you for proving my point," he chuckled and Rose smiled. I felt like slapping his drunk face even though I had no idea where he was.

"Where are you?" Rose asked, seemingly reading my mind.

"At a parrrrty." he dragged out the word and he must of just stepped out of a room because loud music and talking was now heard. I recognised the tune as 'Sexy Back'. Typical party music. Lame, i thought and rolled my eyes.

"Who the fuck throws a party on a Thursday night?" I asked, not afraid to show how stupid I thought that was.

"People who party hard." he told me, barely finishing the sentence.

"You mean stupid people," I laughed and Rose joined in.

"You think everything is stupid, Amberly. you think your better then everyone, that's why half the school hates - "

My mouth was hanging open as I leaned across and snatched the phone from Rose, hitting the End Call button. I exited completely and threw my phone onto the bed in anger.

"Fucking idiot!" I shrieked.

"Don't worry about it babe, he was completely drunk. he had no idea what he was talking about." Rose tried to comfort me but I didn't need it. I was just shocked he had the balls to say those things.

"Just wait until I see him at school tomorrow!" My hands were in fists and I realised I would be damaging my nails so I loosened them and lay back on my bed. I sat back up quickly, too angry to just lay still. I stood up and walked over to my bathroom, leaving the door open as I was only going to re-brush my hair.

"We should skip our last two classes tomorrow and meet up at the frozen yogurt place." Rose suggested, and I nodded, knowing that she could see me despite my back facing her.

The frozen yogurt place was where you could by five dollar a bucket goodness and cover it in berries which were free refill. it was delicious and didn't add too many calories. Rose and I have been going there for two years. The man behind the counter greets us by name and it is a small part of happiness I don't want to lose.

I tied my hair up once I was done and went back into my room, where Rose was returning to her previous position she was in before. I raised an eyebrow but didn't comment, just lying back in my bed.

"Is it hard ditching at that college?" I asked, playing with my charm bracelet.

"It's difficult at times, but me and the girls found a hole in the back fence that the teachers haven't discovered yet."

So Rose had already found a group of innocent girl to corrupt into ditching class and possibly under-age drinking? I felt slightly left out as she had already found a new group of friends while I was ignoring our old ones that annoyed the hell out of me.

"Oh, nice," I lied, shuffling over to the head of the bed with my knees. I threw off a few of the pillows to get to my main ones i slept with. I dug my feet into the blanket and settled in. My legs were freshly shaved so the satin and silk felt smooth against my skin.

"Beddy-bye time already?" Rose teased me.

"Yes, I had a long day." I sighed, glad to be in the comfort of my bed, inside my room I adored so much.

"We're going to a party on Friday." Rose decided after a short silence.

"Does that mean you will be staying another night?"

"Yeah . . . If that's okay?" she added, not wanting to be rude.

"Of course. and you can borrow some of my clothes if you run out." I added, knowing that she loved the expensive and designer clothes that lined my large wardrobe.

"Yay!" she squealed, peeling back the blankets to get in. "It will just be like old times, getting read together, doing each others make up and turning up with every head looking in our direction."

"Yes, I love those days," I agreed, stretching my arms out.

"We will be hot." She yawned, moving around in her side of the bed, until finding a comfortable position and settling in.

"As always," I said, switching off the bedside lamp next to my head.

"Goodnight Amy."

"Night Rose. Kiss, kiss." I added our trademark gesture and I knew she was smiling.

I realised that my phone was next to my lamp. I must have put it there and forgotten.

I decided to quickly check it before I went to sleep.

I took it off the table as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake Rose. I slide my finger across the screen and Harry's number appeared. I frowned. I clearly remembered exiting out of this.

Then something clicked in my head. Rose.

Oh, great.

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