Little Miss Popular

Amberly Parker, the most popular girl at the school, sees everything as lower then her. She believes she is better then everyone, and worth more then every single student at the school put together. She is what some would call the schools slut, sleeping with nearly everyone. Apart from Harry Styles. He seems to be bullet proof against her beauty and charm. Amberly hates him and he her, so they fight endlessly. How will this end? Will Amberly finally realize everything isn't as perfect as she thought? Or will she forever be alone? . . .


7. SIX

I walked casually into class as if I was early, my English teacher just glancing at me as I slid into an empty seat at the back, not in the mood to gossip with my friends.

I never did any work, but today I needed to keep my mind off that boy Kobe and the fact that I didn't usually like boys, I just . . . Used them really. I guess when I dated a guy I genially did like them, but it was usually for popularity points and I felt like I had more pressure to look good with the boy instead of expressing my feelings for him. But now, I actually wanted Kobe to call mine, and girls would go crazy jealous if they found out I was dating a college kid cause they were supposedly more hot then regular guys.

It only just hit me that Rose attends the same school as Kobe does, Rose knows Kobe. She knows him better then I do. What if Rose has already sunken her claws into him, and claimed him as her own? Obviously I would steal him, but it would put a huge dent in our friendship. Would I really do that? To somebody who had stuck with my for so many years, and is one of the only people I consider my best friend? I really didn't know, because I didn't know anything anymore.

The memory of this morning waking up came rushing back to me. Great. just what I needed. So my father was cheating on my mother? I almost laughed, that wasn't as unexpected as it should have been.

Again, my thoughts were running wild. I had so many things going on, my brain needed a break.

My pencil finally made contact with the paper, and I found myself actually copying the notes off the board, like we were supposed to; like I usually didn't.

I figured out that for English we were meant to write a speech on humans; our behaviours and actions. That didn't even make sense to me. This seemed more sciencey then English. If that even was a word. I guess I would get somebody to do it for me.

Harry stalked into the class, later then usual. Well, way late actually. The lesson only had 20 minutes remaining. Mr. Lim gestured for Harry to come to his desk and I snickered. Hopefully he was going to get what he deserved.

But instead, of course, Harry only had to whisper a few words and he was walking down the aisle of desks, towards me.

He stopped, and slid into the desk that was not occupied in front of me. I was surprised he didn't take the empty one next to me, as the class was set up in rows of twos. But then I remembered his speech this morning and my surprise vanished.

He too, was sitting alone, an empty chair on his left side. I wondered why, then I remembered with a smile that none of his goons shared this class with him.

I watched him as he pulled out his book and began quickly copying down the notes, probably trying to catch up.

Geek, I thought.

Harry turned around and raised an eyebrow. Shit I must have said it out loud.

"Talking to your perfect self now, are we?" he smirked, and I shook my head slowly but said nothing.

"Talking to yourself is fine, but replying, that's another story." he continued, amusement in his eyes.

"You just think your so funny," I said, playing with the pencil between my fingers.

"Why deny the truth?" he replied, smiling but only half way.

"And you call me self-centred," I murmured, looking at my sheet.

"You are," he said simply and turned around.

The teacher caught him returning to his position as it was obvious he had just been talking to me.

"Harry, anything you would like to add?"

"Nah I'm not that good at math." I knew he was smiling when he said this.

The teacher looked confused and it took a few people a while to get the joke. I understood it straight away but that was only because I was used to these smart-arse replies from him.

The joke was terrible, but it was enough to throw the teacher off his case and leave him be. A girl, Ebony, was still sniggering at it. She was one of those girls that obsessed over their crushes. I couldn't help but think how pathetic that was.

Mr Lim wasn't like one of those fun young teachers, so he was serious about work. He was repeating our new task over and over again to get it to our heads.

"Human behaviour is a huge part of us, our lives. This speech is not supposed to be filled with fancy words and scientific explanations. This is just about your generation, what affects the behaviour of your general teenager, or maybe the change in personalities that is caused by such things. Please try to avoid using words like sex, as I know your hormones are exploding at this age."

The class laughed apart from me.

"Sweeeeeet," I heard Harry say at the mention of our speech. This surprised me, as I wasn't expecting Harry to be the one to be excited for assignments.

The lesson finally ended and I stood up and collected my things. I pulled out my History book so that I wouldn't have to get it out in the class which was next. Harry was just getting up when I started to head out of the room.

"Amberly," Harry called from behind me and I spun around.

"What - " I began but he cut me off by handing me a yellow sticky note.

"You dropped this," he explained and I realised it was Kobe's number.

"Oh." I said and snatched it off him.

"Another victim?" he sniggered, obviously noticing what it was.

I ignored him and began walking away.

"Nobody is safe from Amberly's stunning looks, or should I say magic." he said, following behind me.

"Good thing I carry bug spray around." he added, laughing at himself and patting me on the back before walking away, not giving me a chance to respond.

I honestly did not find him funny, at all. Thank god I was not like one of his giggling girlies who hung on his every word.

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