Little Miss Popular

Amberly Parker, the most popular girl at the school, sees everything as lower then her. She believes she is better then everyone, and worth more then every single student at the school put together. She is what some would call the schools slut, sleeping with nearly everyone. Apart from Harry Styles. He seems to be bullet proof against her beauty and charm. Amberly hates him and he her, so they fight endlessly. How will this end? Will Amberly finally realize everything isn't as perfect as she thought? Or will she forever be alone? . . .


2. ONE

Amberlys P.O.V.

"Fuck," I said as I tried to zip my jeans back up. I had decided to have a quick one with Kevin (the schools trumpet player) in the cleaning cupboard at the back of the school and it was backfiring badly. Firstly, he was being really grabby and coming in too fast, and secondly, now that we were ready to get going to our next classes, my jeans were not zipping up and I felt like I had put on weight in the last 10 minutes. 
"That was awesome babe." Kevin breathed, looking at me like I was something to eat. 
I didn't like the way he called me babe, or the fact he thought he was allowed to. We weren't even dating and he was cute, yeah, but I did this more out of boredom then feeling.

He leaned in for a kiss, and I pushed him away. His breath stank like the inside of a shoe and I was done with him. "Get off me," I demanded, finally getting my jeans to cooperate.

I didn't realise what a geek he was until now, and I was embarrassed I even did this with him. I glanced up at him and saw he had a bit of saliva shinning on the corner of his mouth.

"Ew," I cringed, straightening my blouse. Never again, I thought.

I opened the cupboard door and almost fell out. I was relieved to find there was nobody around and there would be no evidence of what just happened between Kevin and I.

The fresh air coming through the corridor felt good, especially since it was pretty tight in there.

Just as Kevin was about to leave, looking pretty proud of himself at that, I went over to him and yanked his collar forward.

"This," I hissed, gesturing towards the two of us, "never happened, got it?"

Fear filled his eyes as he nodded and stumbled away. I walked quickly away from him into the opposite direction.

I walked briskly with my handbag (that somehow managed to fit my school books) swinging off my shoulder and my sun-bleached blonde hair hanging out from behind me. Hopefully I looked good after what just happened.

I heard the voice of one of my closest friends coming towards me from the hallway I was about to walk through.

"Amy? Is this really what I see? You and Kevin walking in completely different directions, acting like you don't know each other even though you guys have math in the same class? This is low, even for you." Isabella tsked, smiling in amusement.

Shit. Isabella was one of the only one of my friends who were smart, and she had to be here. But thankfully, she was the most trustworthy.

"Yeah okay? We did it. I didn't know he was such a loser until we were done. Fuck. You have to promise me you won't tell anybody, okay?" I looked at her the way I looked at everybody mostly. With a hard glare that they feared. I didn't usually like using my queen B power against people like Isabella, because she was pretty strong, not to mention my friend, but drastic situations called for drastic measures.

"Yeah I won't. But I didn't know you were seriously going for the 'girl who fucks everybody in the school' title. I mean, do it to all the hot guys, but Kevin? He's a geek. Amberly what the fuck were you thinking?" Isabella rambled on, and I couldn't tell her to shut up because I had a knife hanging over my head and she knew that. But if she tried to use this against me once, I would not accept it and just let her spread the rumour. I knew I could come up with anything to make up for it.

"Yeah well I told you everything and that was enough." I snapped. Isabella was really getting on my nerves. "I have to go to Maths." I added behind my shoulder as I walked away from her, adjusting the strap of my bag higher up my shoulder.

My small heels created clicking sounds as I walked, and I did a quick turn into the bathroom to adjust my makeup and features.

My blonde hair was a bit out of place, but today I was going for the slightly messy haired look so it seemed perfect. I was not going to deny it, I had the looks to pull anything off. That was probably why I was the most popular girl in school. I laughed at my honesty, but why try to hide something that is true?

I wiped a bit of mascara that had smudged under my eyes, and reapplied my eyeliner.

I decided I was looking pretty damn hot and left the bathroom, leaving my signature perfuming lingering in the air.

Surprisingly, my math teacher hadn't even arrived yet, which saved me from coming up with an excuse to why I was late. But the class was full and Kevin was there of course, and I made sure to shoot him a glare when I walked in.

I stopped for a second to look around the classroom for a place to sit and noticed there was only one empty seat and it was next to Harry Styles, which was a surprise since any girl would kill to sit there. But not me.

I groaned and Harry who was talking to Niall Horan, one of his goons, behind him turned around and smiled.

"Why hello little miss perfect." He smirked, and some girls shot me glares of envy.

I rolled my eyes at his mocking and did my best sweet fake smile. "Hey Harry. I am really surprised there is no girl sitting next you, ready to drool all over you every time you look her way."

"I saved this spot especially for you, since I know how much you love me." He looked smug.

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. I didn't like Harry, and I certainly didn't love him. He knew I completely couldn't stand him and he always did this.

"Well what a shame that time was wasted." I spat, walking over to a girl. She already looked intimidated and I hadn't even spoken yet.

I leaned over and spoke to her like she was 5 years old. "Do you mind doing me a favour and swapping seats with me? I would appreciate it so much." I plastered a fake smile on my face and she nodded weakly. "Thank you." I added, shooting a look at Harry.

He seemed disappointed that I came up with that, and I smiled at Brittany, a member of my followers, who seemed shocked that I would give up that seat.

Seriously what was up with everyone? They should know by now that Harry and I despise each other. He always sweet talked me to get on my nerves and to mock me, because that's what every guy thought of me apart from him. He got pleasure from annoying me and being an arsehole. I got pleasure from being away from him.

I guess everybody expected that the popular girl would hook up with the hot guy, but that wasn't going to happen. Him and his friends, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were all the hottest guys in the school, so of course they were friends. But what was surprising, they weren't like me, using this to sleep with other people's boyfriends and having sex with guys I barely knew. Obviously they'd be doing it with chicks instead but they didn't even. They had stable girlfriends, apart from Zayn, Niall and Harry who only dated about once or twice every once in a while.

Before you think I'm a complete whore about the sex thing, I did it because that's how you got power in this school. If you had a name you were known, you know?

Those boys, apart from Zayn who I had a fling with, were some of the few hot guys I hadn't slept with. And honestly, I didn't want to when it came to Harry.

The teacher came in then, while I was unpacking my books and placing them on my desk.

He looked tired and I couldn't help but judge his hideous suit.

The class was long and horrible, just how I expected it to be. My page was empty as I could not be bothered copying the notes down. Mr May wouldn't check my book anyway. 

The bell rung for next class and i put my books back into my bag and began walking to Science, another class that I shared with Harry. Now that I thought about it, most of my classes were with him. I swear he did this.

Louis came up to me then, followed by Zayn and Harry effin Styles.

I winked at Zayn and he smiled at me in a sexy way.

"Hey Amberly," Louis greeted me, and I nodded back. "Is it true you got wasted at that party last friday and had a threesome with Jordan Covacs and Tim Bennett?"

I laughed and Harry looked at me in disgust. Zayn seemed impressed that I could handle that and Louis was just trying to justify some gossip.

"I had sex with Jordan, but I don't know where you got Tim from. But who knows? I was pretty drunk." I answered honestly and felt proud to say what I did. My life was perfect and I loved everything and my control over people.

"Hey Amy guess what," Harry grinned, waving bye to Zayn and Louis as they headed to their next class. "We have science together now."

"URGH. Fuck off Harry, seriously. Your such a dick." I began walking faster but of course his long legs could catch up to mine easily.

"Oh Amy's getting aggressive." He laughed and I stopped walking completely To face him.

"Amy, is the name that my friends call me, or people I actually like. Not you Harry, you call me Amberly got it?" I was getting seriously mad.

A random girl I didn't even know walked past and said,"are you guys gonna kiss?"

And I lost it. "Shut the fuck up ugly bitch," I snapped automatically, the words forming themselves and falling out of my mouth.

She looked like she was about to cry and I was glad. Harry called after her, "she wishes she was that special." And she turned around and smiled at him.

"That was a bit harsh," he added as I started walking again.

"Look Harry, I don't care. I fucking don't." I half shouted. I was About to lose my cool.

"Just because your pretty doesn't mean you can do whatever you want."

I wasn't sure if that was a complement or an insult, but I wasn't taking it.

"Well it sure as hell works doesn't it?" I pointed out, walking into the science class and taking a seat at the far end. Harry, of course, sat next to me.

"Well it doesn't work for me." He said, looking straight at me.

"Yeah well I can see that because if it did you would have fucked off by now."

"Because I'm not interested in you like nearly all the other foolish people in the school." He continued as if I hadn't even spoken.

"I am so, sad." I said sarcastically.

"You should be. And maybe you should stop being such a bitch to people too." He smirked, getting out of his seat. "I don't wanna stick around for this class," he added.

"Well maybe you shouldn't be such a dick then, Harry." I shot back, ignoring his last words and not letting his previous ones get to me.

"Maybe." Is all he said as he walked out of the room, everybody staring after him.

He always left me fuming, and I didn't feel so high about myself. I had to remind myself that I was better then him, then everyone and that my life was so much more better and that for this I was lucky.

I didn't feel like doing work again so I just tried to focus on the fact I should try to enjoy this lesson without Harry.

Isabella slid into the seat that he had stolen before and I was relived to have someone to talk to. To be me, because somehow when I was around Harry I felt like I was always lost.

"Hey," Isabella said to me, and I smiled at her.


"So I just walked past Harry Styles, he is so hot don't you reckon? And he's really sweet too. He was like, hey Izzy. And I said hey back and - "

You have got to be kidding me, I thought as I slumped my head against the wall.

"Isabella," I began honestly, "I don't need a word for word re creation on how Harry fucking Styles greeted you. Please." I added.

"Oh well okay. Sorry." She was giving me more attitude then I would usually allow her but I was in a shit mood and it would make no difference anyway. "But he is so hot don't you think? His curls, oh my god, to die for. And when you look in his eyes, you just feel lost in them."

"When I look in his eyes, I want to throw up." I lied to annoy Isabella. Harry didn't visually displease me, it was just his personality.

She gasped. "Are you serious? Wow just when I thought you guys would be cute together."

"Well here's a fun a fact for you then, you thought wrong." I snapped, rubbing my temples. I was so aggressive today. Just before she was about to speak, I held up my hand, "It would be best if you shut up now, Izzy, thanks."


"Thank god." I muttered.

The rest of class was alright, despite the fact I had a growing headache. I may be perfect in some people's eyes, but I was still human.

"Be my partner?" Isabella asked me, smiling eagerly.

I had a hand covering my forehead and I just turned away from the board and looked at her. "I am sitting next to you, aren't I?"

"Yay," she squealed, and the noise didn't help my headache.

"It's just fucking science." I murmured and put my head between my hands.

"Amy . . . Are you okay?" Izzy asked in some concern.

"I'm fine," I snapped, lifting my head up. "Just worry about the stupid project okay?"

"Sheesh." She said under her breath.

I turned to her harshly and glared at her. "Excuse me?" I questioned.

She seemed to shrink back and her eyes widened. "Nothing," she whispered.

"Good." I said through gritted teeth. For a second I felt bad, but then I realised she didn't really care about me, she just wanted to work with the popular girl.

"Do you want me to do your part of it too?" She asked quietly, and I put my head on the cool desk and nodded.

"Yes -" I was about to say please, but I stopped myself. I wasn't using Isabella, this was just the way things worked. She didn't need the extra credit.

"Okay cool," she said, smiling at me. I rolled my eyes and slid my book over to her. I didn't even know what the project was about.

"I'll try my hardest to get us an A." I had no doubt that this was possible, so I just put on my best fake grin and put my head against the desk again.

This was going to be a long day.

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