Little Miss Popular

Amberly Parker, the most popular girl at the school, sees everything as lower then her. She believes she is better then everyone, and worth more then every single student at the school put together. She is what some would call the schools slut, sleeping with nearly everyone. Apart from Harry Styles. He seems to be bullet proof against her beauty and charm. Amberly hates him and he her, so they fight endlessly. How will this end? Will Amberly finally realize everything isn't as perfect as she thought? Or will she forever be alone? . . .



A familiar shrill ringtone filled the house and I turned over sleepily in my warm bed. Somebody was calling the home phone.

"Fuck," i groaned, knowing I was going to have to get up and answer it if my mother wouldn't.

It continued and I angrily kicked my legs out of the bed and strode out of the room.

I hurried down the stairs and ripped the phone from it's cradle.

"What?" I growled into the phone. Who the hell called at 6:30 in the morning? I was never in a good mood at this time, and it didn't help that I wasn't even given time to wake up properly.

"Amberly? Honey?" My father's voice filled my ear.

"Yeah what is it?" I was impatient and annoyed. I tapped my fingers against the kitchen bench.

"I just called to apologise to your mother for not coming home last night." he explained slowly.

"You what?!" I didn't even realise as I was to caught up with Rose's company.

"I didn't come home because I was so busy and caught up at work that I decided to just stay there as it was so late . . ." He trailed off and I wasn't going to let him off as easily as my mother would.

"Bullshit." I said, not hearing any of it.

"Honey . . ." He began but I cut him off.

"No dad. You don't just do that. Mum cooked your favourite fucking meal and you couldn't even at least tried to get your ass down here? Then you call at 6 in the morning trying to explain yourself! I have school today you know." I barked into the phone, not even caring it was my father I was talking to.

"That language is none of a lady." He scolded me and that just enlightened my anger.

"Don't even bother trying to teach me anything." I spat, and was tempted to slam the phone down.

"After all I am your father - " he tried to say, but I cut him off.

"No, no, no, no! You can be my father, when you start acting like one. Not going off at nights and pretending to work. You know what? I'm glad I answered the god damn phone. Mother wouldn't even say anything! Because she loves you to much. She would believe your shit and let you come home." I tried to keep my voice down so that I wouldn't wake Rose. I didn't want her to know I was having family difficulties.

"But I'm telling you the truth." He lied.

"Bullshit." I repeated. "Who's the girl, dad? A co-worker? A college student? Your boss?'

"I - I - don't know - " he stuttered and an unpleasant laugh left my mouth.

"You do know what I'm talking about!" I said through gritted teeth. "Who did you stay with dad? Who are you cheating on mum with!"

"Honey, lets be reasonable here - "

"Don't honey me!"

"What do you want? Bags? Shoes? A new car?" I could not believe my ears. My father was trying to bribe me to keep my mouth shut?

"I don't want your money. I can't believe you would do this to our family!" I shouted. I could not believe this was happening to my family. To me. Me. Of all people, I'm supposed to have the perfect life. I'm supposed to have a happy family. This week has probably been the worst of my life.

"I didn't cheat on your mother Amy."

"Don't call me Amy!" I cried and slammed the phone back inside its cradle with tears streaming down my face.

How could a morning turn around like this? It was shocking and scary. I have the most perfect life and I wasn't going to let a tiny splinter ruin it for me.

I crept upstairs and slowly opened my mothers door. She was piled with blankets and her mascara was smudged down her face. So she had been crying. So much for just getting her face done.

I left the room and went into my own. I needed to erase the memory of what just happened and clear all the evidence before anybody woke up. Luckily, Rose was only just stirring when I left the bathroom with the make up fresh on my face, not a single bit out of line.

"Morning," she yawned, looking at me in surprise.

"Good morning Rose." I replied formally, heading over to my wardrobe to find something to wear.

I quickly scanned the racks and decided for the party tonight I would buy something new, as I was bored of half my clothes.

For school though everything was good enough. I chose my black and white checkered mini skirt and fitted it with a light pink crop top that the teachers didn't especially like when I wore it. I wore small heels as it was tacky and stupid to wear large ones to school. My hair was loose around my shoulders and I ran my fingers through it as I checked myself out in the body length mirror that was in my wardrobe.

I only had one expectation for myself and that was perfect. If nothing was perfect, I wouldn't be satisfied. You may think this is vain or stupid but this is how I am and grew up.

"Rose you ready?" I asked as I stepped out. She was standing in the middle of my room dressed in her uniform but with the skirt rolled up and her shirt untucked.

"Sadly, yes." She answered and collected her bag into her arms. "So I leave my shit here then?"

"Yeah that should be fine." I told her and picked up my handbag I used for school.

Both us went down stairs in silence. My mother must still have been in bed as the kitchen was silent.

"Breakfast?" I offered Rose and walked over to the fridge.

"Just a peace of fruit." she said and I threw an apple at her to catch.

I had a musli bar and a banana. We chucked our scraps out and headed to my car, I was supposed to drop her off but I didn't mind.

The engine started as smooth as always and I backed up. I turned onto the road and we drove down the straight line.

I took us to Starbucks where I went every morning to order a vanilla Cappuccino.

"Do you want one?" I asked Rose as we pulled up to the car park.

"Sure." She shrugged and began going into her purse for money. I raised a hand to stop her.

"My treat," I smiled and she must have been surprised by my act of kindness because of the way her eyes widened.

I ignored it and stepped out, my bare leg getting littered by goose bumps as the breeze hit it.

I shivered lightly and walked quickly inside.

Once I left with both my hands carrying steaming cups of styrofoam a car turned up and it was filled with people. There was music blaring out of it and since it was this early in the morning there was only one thing that car could be. A party car pool.

Possibly from the party last night that Harry had attended. He probably was drunk and feel asleep just like everybody else would have. It was obvious they were here to get sobered up before school.

As the car began unpacking itself with people, I noticed Harry's familiar curls and Niall's blonde hair.

Harry rolled his eyes when he spotted me and Niall grinned.

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