Little Miss Popular

Amberly Parker, the most popular girl at the school, sees everything as lower then her. She believes she is better then everyone, and worth more then every single student at the school put together. She is what some would call the schools slut, sleeping with nearly everyone. Apart from Harry Styles. He seems to be bullet proof against her beauty and charm. Amberly hates him and he her, so they fight endlessly. How will this end? Will Amberly finally realize everything isn't as perfect as she thought? Or will she forever be alone? . . .



"Hello, hello, hello." Harry sang as I carried my drinks to the car.

I stopped and decided that I wouldn't ignore his mocking as usual, I would play along instead.

"Why hiya Harry. Got nice and wasted last night?" I smiled sweetly and nodded at Niall in a greeting.

"Yeah we all did," Niall butted in, acknowledging the people who had came out of the car.

"And your all coming to school today?" I questioned, my grin widening.

"Yeah, of course. I know you would have a horrid day if I didn't." Harry didn't even say this with any expression, just crossed his arms and leaned back against the car as if he was worth a million bucks.

I snorted. "fuck no. If you were nice, you would bugger off for the day and spew up the remainder of last night at your house."

Harry laughed. "Good thing I'm not. . .To you." he added and I tightened my grip around the Styrofoam cups.

"Yeah well it's mutual then I guess. I don't like you, you don't like me. Why stick around?" I was sick of all this childish playing and just wanted a rest.

"Straight up," Niall pointed out, clapping his hands. "Why not be completely honest?"

"Amberly, as much as I want to, I can't get away from you." Harry's tone turned serious and I had to stop my mouth from falling open. Does he mean what I think he does?

"What - " I began to say, but he cut me off by laughing.

"Wow. you really think your that special that everybody loves you. Sorry to rain on your parade, but what I meant was we have so many classes together that it makes staying away from you impossible. You think it's enjoyable for me? Watching you walk around with this air around you that makes you think your superior then everyone, then me," Harry stopped for a second and shook his head. "You're wrong Amberly, sorry to say that. And I like to have a bit of fun out of it, so I treat you the way I do."

Harry Styles was the only human being on the planet who had the ability the humiliate me in front of people, and he had just done it now. He had just verbally slapped me in the face, right here, in front of Starbucks. In front of Niall and possibly Rose; I had no idea if she was watching from inside the car or not, but he just made me see how I must be. Only for a second, but I didn't believe it.

I shook the image from my mind and composed myself and my expression, making it the perfect mask I wanted it to be.

"Don't take it personally," Harry added before I could say anything, walking past me and into Starbucks, Niall trailing from behind.

"Well, fuck, fuck, fuck mother fucker." I swore as I slid into my car carefully, handing Rose her steaming cup.

"What?" she asked innocently, as though she hasn't just witnessed something that happened a few feet away from where she sat.

"Harry effin Styles, that's what." I growled, placing my cup into the holder and shifting into reverse with more force then needed.

I glanced at Rose and saw that she was biting back a smile.

So what I was suspecting was true.

Rose usually had a thing where if she was saw a guy she liked, or was interested in, she would set it as her personal goal to get that boy. Obviously, it was Rose so she always got what she wanted. She would be with them until she got bored and then find another boy to waste her time with. Harry was her new play toy.

Somehow I was pissed off. Out of everyone, why Harry? Everybody loved him, that's why. Just like everybody loved me but him. They liked Harry for his looks, hair, personality, cockiness and what ever else he had. They liked me because I was beautiful and perfect . . . And because they had to.

If Rose got Harry, I would see him more often and I already knew for a fact he would last longer then every other boy she had. Now that she had his number, her chances just got higher.

I was so mad theses days, I don't even know what happened. I almost laughed at my thoughts. Harry happened. But somehow things with him just got a whole lot worse.

I turned the radio on to distract my thoughts. I almost missed the cut off to Rose's college and had to swerve into the right street. Rose nearly choked on her drink and I couldn't help but smile.

"Here we are." I said grimly and parked in a free spot.

We sat in silence for a few seconds, usually I would lean over and give her a quick hug, but I stayed in my seat today.

Rose grabbed her bag from the back seat, and kissed both my cheeks before sliding gracefully out.

"Thanks. See you after school." She said, and I nodded at her. She closed the door and was immediately greeted by her friends as she walked through the gate.

I inspected the girls and seemed pleased to find none of them looked better then I did. Despite this, I hated all of them and judged the simple things like the creases in their shirts and the slight imperfections of their hair, since there wasn't much to actually judge on, which made me hate them more.

I backed my car up carefully, just at the same time as a black Mercedes was driving in. I slammed my foot on the brakes and rolled my window down, planning on giving this fuckhead a lesson on how to actually drive.

Just before I could speak, a beautiful boy with golden blonde hair stuck his head of the tinted windowed car and flashed a surprised grin at me, obviously not expecting a person that looked like myself to be the one driving.

"Sorry babe, didn't see you there." He called across the space between our cars.

I liked the look of this boy, I mean, I really did.

I smiled flirtatiously, and let out a laugh I knew guys went crazy for. "accidents happen, I guess."

His grin widened and he looked sideways at a boy who I just realised was in the car. He was nowhere near as hot as the blonde one, but he wasn't too bad.

The hot boy looked back at me and raised his hand as if to say 'wait'. His car carefully turned past mine and slid neatly into a car space close enough to mine.

I waited patiently in my car and eventually he came tapping on my door.

"Your even more beautiful close up," he complemented, not even hesitating.

"Thank you," I batted my eyelashes and quickly glanced towards the front gate. When I saw that Rose had left, my gaze returned to the blonde boy.

"Kobe," he said, putting his hand out through the window.

"Amberly," I replied, allowing his large hand to curl around mine. It lingered there for a second too long, but I pretended I didn't notice.

"You go here?" He asked, his head nodding towards the gate of the college.

"Nah . . . I go to the public high school not far from here." I answered as casually as I could. I must admit he was so gorgeous I was having a hard time concentrating. And this never happened to me. Ever.

"That's a shame," he said, stretching his arms out to reveal how muscular they were. His grey t-shirt clung to his skin, and I could see an outline of a 6 pack.

"Do you even lift?" I joked and he laughed harder then it intended.

"Perfect timing." he flashed his teeth at me and slid his hand into his jean pocket. A few seconds later, he pulled out a yellow sticky note that had a number scribbled across it. He handed it to me between his index and middle finger and I snatched it off him playfully.

I placed it inside my hand bag and he looked at me, waiting.

"Ill call you," I implied, letting him know he won't be getting my number. My first rule with guys I liked was to never let them have my number, because they would be calling me constantly and I liked being in control.

The bell rang, and he stepped back and I flicked my hair around my shoulder.

"Gotta go babe," he said, winking at me. I blew him a kiss as he walked away.

Then I saw the time on the dashboard. School had already started and I wasn't even there yet.

"Fuck," I said under my breath as I drove out of the now busy car park.

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