The Fat Girl With Anorexia

Riley has moved school twice in her lifetime. What happens when the two people who made her life seem worthless get under her skin once more, and what happens when she finds their douchebag ways may only be a coverup?


1. Prologue

        I stared down at the cheeseburger as my mouth began to water. I forced my hands under my butt to keep myself under control. I needed to stop eating so much. Just as I started to walk over to the trashcan to throwaway the tempting burger my fourteen year old frame was pushed to the ground, and my face smashed into the paper plate. I heard the snickering build up as I looked behind me to see those eyes. The piercing green eyes,"Get up, Fatty," was all he sneered before walking away from me with the soul of his adidas squeaking on the school floor.


        I eyed the same treat I used to eat without limits. I began to pick it up before hesitantly placing it back down. I could feel eyes burning holes in my neck but I kept talking myself into picking it up. As I brought it to my mouth I felt the palms of a familiar hand slap it out of my grasp before it fell onto the dirty cafeteria floor. I turned my head slightly, scared of what would happen if I looked up at him. I saw the slight pity in his dark blue eyes before they turned to an icy almost white color again,"Get up, Slut." He slurred in my direction, he bent down and grabbed the collar of my t-shirt before continuing,"Or eat it off the floor where you belong." I skimmed his eyes only finding hatred and pure disgust which I don't know how he developed a reason to hate me. While I was caught up in my own thoughts he threw me down to the ground and walked off. 


        "Aye, Louis, come over here!" was all I heard before I ran into the girl's bathroom and cried. 






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