The Fat Girl With Anorexia

Riley has moved school twice in her lifetime. What happens when the two people who made her life seem worthless get under her skin once more, and what happens when she finds their douchebag ways may only be a coverup?


3. Next Chapter Preview

Riley's POV


     I was walking home from school with my skull candy earbuds in. The familiar tune of a Nirvana song drifted through my ears as my head bobbed to the beat. Keeping my gaze pointed at my feet, I was startled when I bumped into a wall. A soft cottony wall... 


     Looking up, I found the back of someone's shirt. Someone I didn't know, thank God. When he turned around, I noticed his blond hair was spiked upward, and his head was quirked to the right in amusement. I muttered a quick apology as I attempted to maneuver my way around the ripped blond. Using my hair as a shield to cover the pink tinted on my pale cheeks, I continued my journey to my house. 


    After about 5 minutes, I turned off my music to be met with the sound of trailing footsteps coming from behind. I looked over my shoulder to find the same guy following in my path. 


     Awkwardly, I quicken my pace to get to the gate of my 3 story house. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the mysterious wall/human was walking up to the large building located next door,"See you later, Neighbor!" He yelled, an irish accent was evident in his tone. 


     "Bye..." I replied back, still slightly off about the whole neighbor thing. I was not new in this town, I had just never attended the school. I have to say, I had never seen him before, and I had been living in this house for almost two years.


      Shrugging off the weird interaction, I made my way to the large double doors that occupied the entrance to my equally large home. 


    I'm thinking of using an updating schedule. Comment what you think. 




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