The Fat Girl With Anorexia

Riley has moved school twice in her lifetime. What happens when the two people who made her life seem worthless get under her skin once more, and what happens when she finds their douchebag ways may only be a coverup?


2. New School, New Life, Same People.

Riley's P.O.V


       *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*


        I let out a relieving sigh realizing it was only a nightmare. I peeled myself away from the sweat covered sheets I had slept on. It was my first day at my new school and I have to say I could never be more scared. I threw on a galaxy sweatshirt, black leggings, and matching galaxy low classic vans. My light brown/dirty blonde hair was thrown into a messy bun because even though it was my first day I wasn't trying to over think it. I applied a thin line of eyeliner and a nude pink lipstick. I grabbed my book bag and walked out my front door locking it behind me. I pretty much lived on my own, because my dad died when I was very young and my mom handed me over to my aunt, who conveniently was always on a business trip. As I saw the slight shape of my new school get larger every time I put one foot in front of the other my palms started to sweat. 


        Walking into my first period my teacher motioned for me to come to the front of the class. I felt uncomfortable because randoms boys were staring at me while most girls gave me dirty looks. I just shook it off trying to think nothing of it. I scanned the crowd of unfamiliar students looking for a friendly face, when my gaze landed on a pair of eyes I knew oh too well. The curls got longer, the skin tanner, and the eyes darker. But he looked almost exactly as he did in grade 3. He saw me staring at him, taking it the wrong way he smirked and winked at me. Making me want to barf. I quickly snapped my head to the teacher as he began to introduce me,"Everyone, welcome our new student Ms. Sanders!" He said trying to fake an enthusiastic voice. The group of teens murmured a hi towards me and Mr. Tibbetts pointed to an empty seat in between.. Louis and Harry. My heart dropped to my stomach as I trudged to the dreadful desk. 


        I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned my head to see Harry giving me a grin only doable by someone like him. Someone who thinks they're the center of the universe,"Hey." He gave me a smile that was almost genuine. Almost. 


        "Hi.." I hesitantly replied to him. I admit he has always been strong in the looks department. His brown curls framed his chiseled features and his eyes were easy to get lost in. But I knew he would never be anything but trouble. Always trouble. I fought the smile tugging at my lips and turned my attention towards the boring lesson. 


        When the period came to the end I stayed behind to ask Mr. Tibbetts for some extra homework. I needed to get my year started off well. Going to online school for a year after you moved doesn't get you good grades. No matter how well you do. I walked outside the classroom holding my late pass approaching my English class. I noticed a group of eight people surrounding one small girl. She was slightly chubby and her shirt rose up a bit every time she breathed heavily revealing her stomach. Curious, I approached the group hearing slight words become louder as I got near,"Fat... Slut... Unwanted... Eat less... Why... Such a whore... Stop... Ugly..." The insults, though muffled, were horrible. My face twisted in disgust as my feeling of curiosity was replaced with pure hatred. 


        This girl reminded me so much of me when I was younger. I know all she saw in herself was fat, but all I saw was beauty. Inside and out, and I cringed at the thought that this girl never knew that because of these.. do they even deserve to be called people. These monsters hidden in the body of a human. 


        I pushed two girls aside, both wearing skirts too short and shirts that showed their stomachs. They gasped as I kept pushing through until my eyes fell on the curls. The same curls that haunted my dreams and the same quiff that resurfaced into my life. Harry and Louis. I grabbed them both by clumps of their hair and pulled them away from the unknown girl sitting on the floor with fear written on her face. I pushed the two boys in front of me before letting all my anger out,"Who gave you the idea that you could make fun of such a beautiful girl?!" I screamed with venom dripping from every syllable. 


        "The slut deserved it." A girl with sleek black hair pushed herself into my view. I narrowed my eyes narrowed at her and I stepped closer making her face crease. 


        "You have no right to call anyone a slut when you wear skirts that short trying to show off something you lack dearly." She gasped grabbing her butt as if defending it. I heard giggles and laughs erupt from the others and I remembered why I came over here. I faced the two people who made my life a living hell, and by this time a crowd of other people had surrounded me,"Do you remember who I am?" I asked while my eyes stayed small and sharp. 


        "No, but I'd like to." Harry winked at me, only making my disgust grow. 


        "You, Harry, probably disgust me the most, yah know that?" He gave me a confused look. They really didn't remember me," With all your cheeky remarks. As if you never made my life a living hell.." I paused before continuing,"But now that I'm attractive my past doesn't really matter does it?" I paused one more before carrying my rant on,"Well guess what? It does. And I would NEVER. and I mean NEVER. Associate myself. With a douchebag. Like you." Every time I stopped for dramatic effect I pushed my index finger into his chest making him shift backwards. I looked over at Louis, now done telling Harry off, to find him smirking. As if my dislike towards Harry meant I actually liked him,"I think I could say the same thing about you, Tomlinson." Was all I said before turning to the girl behind me who had an amused look on her face.


        I gave her a warm smile and helped her off the dirty high school floor. I walked with her into the classroom,"I'm Riley by the way." I told her. 


        "Sally.." She replied holding out one hand for me to shake, which I gladly took. 


Harry's P.O.V


       I was still in shock whilst I heard the mumbles of my fellow classmates. Who is she? How does she know Harry and Louis? She's so hot. I wish I looked like her. Why would she defend that girl? What's her name? All these questions I could here whispered by other people, and I was wondering some of them myself. She said I had made her life a living hell. But why would I bully such a hot babe? I had to admit she was fit. My thoughts were interrupted by the teacher introducing a name I recognized. Riley Sanders. I had bullied many people in my lifetime but I could never forget her name. The girl who broke my heart, so in return I broke her soul. 


I'm gonna be a dickhead and ask for ten likes and favorites before I add the next chapter. 






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