You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


24. Such A Good Friend

Alicia's P.O.V


Harry came out of his room with a bag in his hand. He walked towards us and grabbed my hand and I pulled it back. Woah Styles I said you have a chance but it's not now. He just smirked at me. I went to grab Maximus hand but then I didn't know if I should. I guess I was obvious then Maximus grabbed my hand first. I looked at him and smiled. It was the middle of the night now. Ok I'm hungry wanna go get food Maximus said. Yes I said. He drove us to the pizza place. We ordered the pizza to go. We went to Harry's place. I was happy because I will get to see the boys again. I knocked in the door because Maximus had the pizzas in his hand and Harry had his clothes. Alicia!,Louis screamed. Louis!, I screamed. Hey Emma said. Hey I said. I took the pizzas from Maximus and put it on the counter. Pizza Niall screamed. Hey Alicia and ..... They all said. Maximus I said. Thanks for the pizza Maximus they all said. Welcome Maximus said. Emma and I grabbed the plates from the cabinet and placed them on the table. I gave everyone 1 slice and Niall got 2. Cause I know he loves food. And they could always take more if they wanted. I poured 7 glasses of soda and 1 with water for me. (In real life I really don't drink that much soda only at special events) Emma and I placed the plates around the table. Emma placed me in the middle of Harry and Maximus talk about awkward. So to get back at her I places her in the middle of Liam and Louis. Because A- she is dating Liam and B- Louis is a sloppy eater. We heard some screaming because they boys were playing FIFA. Boys the food is ready Emma screamed. In about 10 seconds the boys were running to the table. Emma and I gave napkins before we sat down. Thank you they all said. Welcome. We said down in our seats and I could tell Emma was moving closer to Liam because of Louis' eating. There was silence but it was awkward. And I saw Emma moving closer and closer. So I started busted out laughing. And they Emma did too. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy. We finished eating and we put the plates in the sink. We all sat on the couch. Why don't we watch a scary movie I suggested. Sure they all nodded. I put the movie on and everyone was in there comfy spot. I was snuggling with Maximus. Emma was snuggling with Liam. Harry was sitting with Louis. And Zayn was sitting with Niall. The movie started. In the middle of the movie the scariest part was coming. Then it came and everyone jumped. Then the movie ended at 2:15am. We all decided to have a FIFA war. Everyone got to play against everyone. We it finished it was about 4am. Alright guys I think we should all go to bed Emma and I said yawning. I'll sleep on the couch Maximus said I looked at him confused.

Maximus' P.O.V

I wanted Alicia to be with Harry so I volunteer to sleep on the couch. Alicia looked at me confused. It's ok you go sleep on a bed I said. O-ok she confused. Liam came back with a pillow and blanket for me. This was going as plan. I'm such a good friend right.

Alicia's P.O.V

Everyone went to their rooms to sleep but then I remembered something. I had no sleeping clothes. Hey Harry can I borrow one if your shirts and sweatpants I asked. Yeah sure he said. He opened he closet. He have me he things and I went into his bathroom to change. I came out and he was shirtless I couldn't stop staring no matter what I told my self. He noticed and said take a picture it last longer. I just felt embarrassed and went on his bed it was so comfy. I went under they blankets and fell asleep quickly.

Good new I fixed the glitch I'm so happy. You may have to read some parts over again but hey I fixed it. Anyway I have a schedule now. I will update You & I either Sunday or Monday ( most likely Sunday). Love again on Tuesday. And The Alpha on Thursday or Friday. ( most likely Thursday) any maybe, just MAYBE I'll post a extra chapter to one of the three fanfics I have everyone other week. And if I don't its because I'm doing something.

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