You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


16. Sitting Next To Them

Alicia's P.O.V

On our way to the concert I was started to feel uncertain about my outfit. Hey babe does this outfit look ugly? No why? I was just started to feel uncertain about it. Babe you look fine as always he said. I started turning red. Finally we were at the concert. Babe we're here I started getting really excited. Alicia don't get to excited or you'll explode. I just looked at him trying to keep a serious face but that didn't work out. We started laughing. We pulled into the parking lot and started looking for a parking spot. FOUND ONE I screamed in his ear. Ok and OW he said back. I just gave him a smile. He smiled back. He pulled into the parking spot and we got out the car. Hey Alicia do want to get food or do you just wanna take our seats? It doesn't matter to me. Ok so do you wanna take our seats?,he said. Sure. We walked to E entrance. We had to walk up stairs. Maximus showed the guy our ticket and point to were it was. It was the forts row. Maximus you must've spent so much money I said. I didn't my parents bought this for my as a birthday present last year. Oh ok. Hey Alicia I am gonna get a drink real quick do you want anything? No I'm fine. Ok. He went to go get he drink and that's when someone sat down next me. Excuse me but someone is sitting there I said politely. They still didn't move. I turned to see who it was and it was Harry and his ex. Hi Alicia. Get away I said. No we're here to see his concert too. We'll move Maximus was sitting there. Fine he said. Maximus came back with a lot of snacks. Babe I knew you would want something so I bought one of everything for you. Babe your so sweet I said. I looked at Harry and his ex and all she had was a soda. She looked at him with an angry face. I didn't know he was staring at us until his ex kicked him and said you never pay attention to me.

Harry's P.O.V

I bought tickets for a One Republic concert. I took my ex with. I got front row. OMG this is gonna be so much fun my ex said. We found a parking and then walking to our seats. I bought a soda for both of is and we took our seats. I saw Alicia so I sat next to her. She asked us to move without looking. I didnt. Then she looked saw it was me and she had an angry face. Can you move because Maximus is sitting there? Ok fine. Maximus came back with awhile bunch of snacks. My ex looked mad. I kept staring and then my ex kicked me. YOU NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO ME she screamed. She ran out and I followed her. This was gonna be a long night.


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