You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


31. R.I.P Maximus

Alicia's P.O.V    10 months later

I love you I said hugging Maximus. I love you too he said back. Those were the last words he ever said to me. Maximus went to the navy and got killed yesterday. I was sitting on the tour bus crying. This sucks I said throwing myself on the bed. Yeah I am sorry Alicia Emma said. I mean I wish I got to say goodbye to him. We all do she said. We did not date after the whole situation with picking over harry and Maximus. All I wanted to do was cry. Why him? What did he do? He loved me and he will always be a part of me. I went to Niall because he is a good cuddle buddy. Niall why him? Sweetie I don't know, no one knows, but I do know everything happens for a reason. NO NIALL HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO DIE I said now sobbing. I did feel bad, Niall was just trying to help. I'm sorry Niall I said. Don't worry you're going to through a tough time right now. Thanks for being so understanding I said burying my head in his chest more. I loved him you know I added. I know he said. You know he wouldn't want me to be sad. I mean after all he wanted to be happy and left me. Wait.... That's why he was giving me up to Harry. He was leaving for the Navy. Ohh I said. I went to se Harry. I knocked on the tour bus back room. It's open he said. I opened the door and just starred at him. Hey Alicia he said. I heard what happened, Emma told me he said. Yeah I said. I'm sorry he said. Me too I said. What he said. Harry, Max wouldn't wanted me to be sad, after all he gave me up for you. Thats what he wanted. And that's what gonna happen I said giving him a small smile. What... so ... us he asked. Yes I said looking down. Alicia !!!! I promise you're not going to regret this. I better I added. He just hugged me. He pulled away and looked at me and then my lips then back at me. I nodded. And just like that he kissed me

Hey I am back. I have been writing on watt pad a lot. But I haven't forgotten about this book.

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