You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.



It took us 2 hours just for us to get in, and to find out seats. We barely made it in we count 3,2,1! We heard millions of screams. And out ran the boys! They kept staring at us during the whole show, and I guess some fans started noticing. They didn't like it and one of the twitter questions was why were they staring at us. Emma and I didn't know what to do because everyone in the crowd started to look at us. Some were nice looks and some were dirty. But we didn't care and I spoke. It was my birthday a couple of days a go and I bumped into Harry and I said thanks for helping me up. A lot of the fans said happy birthday and a small group of girls came over and started to beat us up. Emma and I were next to each other taking the beatings. Suddenly I felt someone pick Emma and I up. I open my eyes to see Harry and Niall. And Liam and Zayn were holding Emma. No we weren't heavy girls but we weren't skinny either. And Louis well, we see him running out of the stadium and to the car. The boys put us down and emma and I ran to the car faster than the boys. Louis was driving with zayn in the passenger seat. Then Niall was sitting in the next row. Then Harry,Emma,Liam,and I were squished in the back. And we ended up seating on their laps. Louis hit a bump and we hit our heads on the roof of the car.

Sorry for the short update it's I have been busy in school and studying. I'll update tomorrow. Please comment I feel like no one likes this.

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