You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


30. Not Fine At All


Alicia's P.O.V 


I finally let go and looked at Maximus. He looked fine which I on the other hand was not. I don't know if he was sad,mad, or happy. He was smiling, but I've seen people pull off a fake smile to let you think their ok. For example, Connor Franta. ( i'm not hating I swear I love him to death) Are you ok I asked him. Yeah why wouldn't I be. Because of this I said smashing my libs against his. He kissed back. See I knew he wasn't ok. I pulled away and looked into his eyes again. See I knew you weren't ok I said hugging him. I was't I mean I love you Alicia, but Harry he needs you more then I do. Maximus I don't understand why you're giving me up. I don't either but it will make sense in no time he said smiling fake his smile once again. Tears flew down my face and I hugged him tighter. He hugged me back this was getting to much for me. I let go and I said goodbye.  And just like that I took off. I had no idea where I was going. I just needed to run. Alicia!!! I hear Maximus calling me. I kept running for another 6 blocks. Alicia stop he said. I turned around what. Why did you run away ,look if its because of me I didn't mean to- and someone pushed our two heads together so we were kissing it was Emma and Harry?!


GUESS WHOS BACK BACK BACK AGAIN LOL I'm so sorry for not updating for away it was because of school. and sorry for the short update i promise I'm trying to do better



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