You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


6. Listen

Harry's P.O.V

Listen harry I want you back I love you and shouldn't have done that she said. I was looking at my ex. She started to kiss me and I started to kiss back. I looked to find a girl running a way it wasn't any girl it was Alicia! I started running after her but she was to fast. I turned around to find my ex running behind me and I ran to the nearest ally way were I found Alicia knocked up and blood coming out of her arm. I looked at the wall and it said your lover is mine. I was scared out of my mind. Who did this? Questions were flowing in mind like a waterfall. Just then my ex's had came to stop me from helping her. Alicia woke up and she punched her and Alicia was knocked out again.

Ex's P.O.V

I missed Harry and went to find him. He was on the beach with this ugly girl. She went it the bathroom so this was my chance. I ran up to Harry and said I loved you and shouldn't have done that and kissed him. To my shock he kissed back. Then I heard footsteps of that ugly girl. Harry started to chase her and I chased him. We all ran to the ally way were I had set u a trap for her. I didn't know who Harry's girlfriend was but I knew I hated her. She woke up and I punched her. I didn't want him helping her and running off. He was in his knees begging for me to stop. Just then she woke up and started to punch me she looked weak but she was strong.

Alicia's P.O.V

I ran into this ally way and sat down and start to cry. Then a nail came out from the wall and sliced my wrist. I started to blackout but the last thing I saw was ' YOUR LOVER IS MINE'. I finally woke up to be punched in the temple. I woke up and I got up and punched her she turned around and threw a fist and I dodged it. She kicked me a couple times but she wasn't that strong. I finally was able to knock her out and I ran. I was still mad at Harry. I started to feel dizzy and before I knew it I was on the cold hard floor. I guess taylor swift was right.






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32 read this I am dead and going to be resurrected int the next update! Hint hint

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