You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


25. Jet Skiing

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up to nobody there. I went to get a toothbrush from the bathroom. I found one and I brushed my teeth. Then I went downstairs forgetting that I still have Harry's clothes on. Oooooo they boys said. What?, I asked confused. You're wearing Harry's clothes Emma said. That's because I had my clothes from the skatepark on. And you should be talking cause you're wearing Liam's clothes I said jokingly. And then she blushed. So what are we doing today Louis asked. No clue but I want to do something fun I said. Ok but what he replied. Umm what about jet skiing Maximus asked. Ooooo that sound like fun Emma said excitedly. Then that's a plan everyone go get dressed. About 1 hour later everyone was dressed and ready to go. Ok so I am gonna drive with Niall in the front seat Louis said. The rest if you figure it out he said. Zayn, Emma, and Liam took up the next row. And the last row was only a 2 seated which means I might have to sit on someone's lap, please don't let it be Harry. And with my luck I had to sit on Harry's lap. Just great I thought to myself. The worst part is it's a 1 hour drive! I took about my phone it put it on shuffle. It felt like only 10 minutes we got there. Ok so you guys need to pair up in twos the guy said. Ok so I'll go with Emma Liam said. I'll go with Harry Louis said. I'll go with Maximus I said excitedly. Ok I'll drive going out and you'll drive coming back I said. Ok he said. We all got in jet skis and was ready to go. Wanna do a race I asked. Sure they all said. Alright 3,2,1! I pushed the pedal so hard. I looked and we were in first. Louis was right behind me and there was a turn coming up. So I skid and water went on them and they stopped which made us have a chance of winning . We had a couple feet left so I skid again on the last turn and we won. Yesss me and Maximus said and high fived.

Maximus P.O.V

I got my turn driving and the we all went to the dock. We went to the bathroom to change our clothes. When we came out we all decided to get some froyo. Alicia and Emma went crazy with the topping. We paid and sat outside. It was warm so it was nice. Hey what do you guys want for dinner Liam asked. Hey I am really go and making Alfredo and shrimps, you can ask Emma!,Alicia said. It's so amazing Emma added. It's so good it's better than most restaurants she said. Ok we have everything at home for you to cook it so let's go Louis Sadi. We all piled in the car and drove home.

Hey I love you guys so much I hope you liked this chapter. And the dates are set. Sundays- You&I. Tuesdays- Love Again. Thursdays- The Alpha. And like I Daley before if I don't update that day it was because I was busy. I love you my mini unicorns!

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