You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


14. I'm Not Yours

Alicia's P.O.V

Why can't he just move on? I think a year rolled down my cheek because Maximus was saying don't cry. Oh I'm fine I don't know why a year fell. Oh ok he said. We went back up stairs to find a blood trail. Um Maximus that wasn't there before I said. Yeah I know he started walking in front if me. It led to the bath room which made me think of something. I went in front of Maximus and opened the door and there stood Dylan with a bleeding fish. Eww I said it smelt so bad. What he said. I thought you cut your self. Oh well I didn't. Maximus and I walked to the park. We went up in this cute little tree house and looked at the city. This tree was tall. He put his arm around me and I blushed. Alicia there is something I wanted to ask you but didn't have the gut to. I know we only met a few days ago but will you be my girlfriend? Ok course I said and I kissed him.

Harry's P.O.V

I was walking by the park when I saw a couple kissing how sweet. Wait isn't that Alicia ! That sweetness turned bitterness. I ran up to the tree house. I got in and I grabbed Alicia. What do you want Harry, she pulled back. Your mine I love you way more than this idiot. I'm not yours, I'm not anyone's. You don't own me. She pushed me. She walked back to Maximus. WTH did I just do? I screwed it up AGAIN. When will live get better?

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