You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


2. Him

He turned around and there stood Harry Styles in front of me. Um thanks for helping me up yesterday. No problem babe. Omg I was freaking out inside he just called me babe. Emma was frozen and I waved my hand in front her face. What. I was laughing at her and she started to laugh. We continued to walk but then he asked me for my number. I took his phone and put it in. Then Emma and I started to walk to Forever 21. We came out with 2 bags each. We walked back to my place and when we entered my parents and sister yelled surprise. I was surprised when my parents had 1D tickets in their hands for Emma and I. We screaming like crazy people. The concert was today in 2 hours. Emma ran back to her house and I ran to the shower. I washed my hair. I ran to my bed looking in the forever 21 bags. I picked out this batman highlow tank and some black studs . I went casual and put on some batman converse. I straightened my hair and went downstairs. I thanked my parents for the present and ran to my car I got for my 16th birthday it was a rx7. I drove to Emma's house and beeped the horn so many times. She sprinted the car and we were on our way. I played the radio and completely zoned out thinking about Harry. We arrived at the place and I parked the car and we ran to the line. HEY guys I wanted to think of a name for you guys let me know! I hope you guys are enjoying this.

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