You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


26. Conversations

Alicia's P.O.V

When we got home Emma and I wanted to have some girls time so Liam said we can go into his room. He is super sweet I'm happy him and Emma are going out. Anyway we went upstairs and we jump on Liam's bed. We were catching up because we haven't talked in a while. When we were done talking it was 9pm. I better get started on the Alfredo and shrimps I told Emma. Yeah go ahead she said. I went downstairs and got everything I needed. I boiled the noodles and cooked the shrimps. When the noodles were done I put them in the strainer. When that was done I put them back int the pot with the shrimps. Then I put the sauce. I mixed it so everything got an even coat of sauce. That smells good Liam said walking into the kitchen. Thanks I said. I took out 8 plates and gave everyone and even amount. I gave Niall a little bit more though. Emma got us drinks. Thanks we all said. Welcome she said. We all took out plates and sat at the dinner table. We all began eating. When we were done everyone kept saying how good the food was. Thanks I said. You have to make that again for is Niall said. Yeah of course I will I said. Ok good he said. We put the pages in the dish washed and sat in the couch. Wanna do a twit cam Louis asked. Sure we all said.

Maximus' P.O.V

I was skittle becomes because I don't know what people would think of Alicia ,Emma , and I.( 2 hours later) That was awesome! Tegu asked who we were but e said friends. And Liam told them that Emma was his girlfriend. But most people we happy about it. And of course thee was a small fraction of people who was mad. We should do more of these Alicia said. Yea I added. Oh well we do these every Friday so you guys can come and be in them Louis said. Sure Alicia and I said happily.

Harry's P.o.V

I really need to talk to Alicia. Just have a small covers action with cause I haven't really have a proper conversations with her. If she says tonight I will try to if she wants to. Hey you guys wanna stay over Louis asked. Yea sure they said.

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