You & I

This is a story about a girl named Alicia Turner, and how she got the best present on her birthday. But earlier that day she ran into somebody.


1. Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alicia Turner, and I have medium brunette hair and brown eyes. Today is my 18th birthday and I woke up at 12 noon. I quickly grabbed my phone and texted my BFF Emma. A- Can you meet me at Starbucks in 10 minutes?

E- yeah see you then

I walked to the shower and turned it as hot as it could go. When I was done I put on a tank with jean shorts, and white flats. I combed through my hair and sprayed the our moment perfume. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. Hey mom! Hey sis! Happy birthday baby! My mom spoiled me on my birthday. Katie just looked and me and cranked up the AC. My dad was at work and didn't get home till 4. I told mom I was leaving. I closed the door and walked out to the fresh air. I was almost at Starbucks when I walked into someone. He helped me up and the left. Weird. I opened the door to see Emma ordering I ran to her and screamed. Ahhhh. I hate you Alicia stop! Haha no it's too funny. Emma knew what I wanted so I didn't bother telling her. Hey em. Yeah. I was walking here when I walked into someone it was a boy with curly hair and I didn't see his face. OMG imagine if it was Harry I would die she whispered. We sat down and finished our drinks and went back to my house. We watched finding nemo. Alicia I gotta go change for the party bye. See ya later. It was 7 and I ran to the shower. I washed my hair dried it and started to curl it. I put on a crop top with a skirt and some heels. I put on some blue eyeshadow and was done. I looked in the mirror. I looked cute. It was 8:30 and people started coming. My parents and sister left so I had the house to myself. The party was amazing. The dj played 1D and so much more. By the time party was over it was 4 am. I gave Emma a room to stay and went to bed. All I could think of was the boy. I woke up the next day and showered I don't drink so I am fine. Emma woke up and showered after me. She came out and she went back for her bag. Alicia thanks a lot for letting me stay here. Emma no problem. My parents came home and there was no mess. Thank you cleaning people. Emma and I went to the park and I found that guy again. I tapped him on his shoulder.

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