The Bad Things

The bad things. They were always racing through my mind. I couldn't make them go away no matter what I did. No one knew about the bad things. No one could help me with the bad things. They're always there. Always hurting me. I can't tell anyone about the bad things because the bad things are all secrets. Harry keeps trying to make me tell him what the bad things are, but I can't. They are all our little secrets. Not mine and Harry's, mine and the person who the secret belongs to. Who the secret lives inside of, but doesn't seem to do anything. But the secrets in me do everything. For, the secrets, are The Bad Things.


3. Chapter Three

Can I tell you something? Parties aren't very fun. When I got there, it seemed that everyone knew each other. And even though we we're only, at the oldest, 18, everyone was drinking. Are you supposed to do that? I'm not sure if you are or not because I've never been to a party before.

One girl ran into me, spilling her drink on her shirt. "Watch out. The floor is really wobbly." She slurred.


"I warned you."

"Naomi!" I turned to see Harry walking through the swarm of people.


"So, do you like the party so far?"

"Um, it's kind of loud." I had to shout for him to hear me.

"Really? I thought this was quieter."

"Quiet for me and quiet for you must be two different things."

He smiled. "Ok, then. Do you want to meet my friends."

"Um, I'm not sure that I should."

"Oh come on, they're cool."

"Are you sure?"

"They'll love you."

The next thing I knew, I was being pulled through the crowd of random strangers. Then I was in front of more random strangers.

"Hello, everyone." Harry greeted formally. I thought that was weird because from what I knew from him already, which wasn't a lot, he wasn't very formal. But, maybe I just didn't know him that well to imply. "This is my friend, Naomi."

"I haven't seen her around before." Said a girl. She was really pretty. She had blonde hair with green eyes, almost like my sister, but Genevieve had hazel eyes, like me. "You new?"

"No, I'm a sophomore."

"Harry, this is your friend? She's so young."

"Two years younger. That's not too bad."

'What?" I asked.

"Don't pay any attention to them. I'm Jacob."


"And I am probably the best person you will ever meet. My name is Parker."

I think Parker is a little full of himself.

"Miranda." The pretty girl said. "Harper should be getting here soon. She's always late."


"She said she was here a few minutes ago." Jacob said.

"I'll go look for her." Harry suggested.

"Have fun."

After he left, everyone was quiet for a few moments. 

Finally, Miranda spoke. "Do you want something to drink?"

"Yes, please."

"What would you like?"


She smiled, then headed to the kitchen. At least I thought it was a kitchen. Both of the boys looked at each other like they knew something that they shouldn't I didn't say anything, because it isn't my place to ask.

A few minutes later, Miranda was back with a really big cup of water. 

"Drink up." She smiled. 

"Thank you." 

I took a big gulp of my water as Miranda laughed. Maybe I was drinking the water weird, but it didn't matter to me. I really needed a drink. All of the sudden, My throat started burning. I was almost done with the water when it happened.

"Um, did you put anything in this?"

"No, just poured it in your cup."

"Are you sure?"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"My throat is hurting."

"Here, I'll get you some milk."

"No, it's ok. I should just drink the water. I don't want to get in your way."

"Aw, you're so sweet. But if you want any more water, It's on the counter in the kitchen in a clear bottle. Harry's water supply is acting up so we had to bring some ourselves."


I watched her turn down the hall and give me  a weird look. She was so nice and helpful. I started to drink more water when Jacob took it from me.

"You probably shouldn't drink this."

"Why not?"

"It's bad for you."

I felt fine. Maybe a little dizzy, but other than that, fine.

"She's fine." Parker promised. "Just give her the drink."

Jacob sighed. "Do you want this?"

I nodded.

"Fine. Take it. I'm going to look for Harry."



Twenty minutes later, along with many refills, my throat started burning less. The drinks were easy to drink, and they didn't taste bad any more. Miranda, the nice girl, was back again with another drink. Parker sat on the couch staring at me.

"Your drink." 

"Thank you! You're so nice."

I saw Harry coming back with another girl. 

"Naomi, this is Harper."

I looked at the girl. She had pink hair, which I thought was strange.

"Hello." I greeted.

"Hi. I haven't seen you around school before."

"Oh, that's because I don't go to school."

"I thought you said you we're a sophomore." Miranda said.

"Oh, yeah, I am a sophomore. What's a sophomore?"

"Naomi, are you drunk?" Harry asked.

"I don't think so. I've only had water."

Harry closed his eyes for a really long time, then looked back at me again. 

"Here, come with me."

He took me outside to a car in his yard. As I stepped out of the front door, I fell a little bit. 

"That girl was right. The floor is wobbly." 


"Be careful."

"Here, sit down. WHo gave you the drinks?"

"I think it was Miranda."

He swore under his breath. "I should have known."

"She's so nice. She gave me water when I asked for it because I could never fing the kitchen." I looked around. "Is this the kitchen?"

"No. Do you have any friends that live near by?"

"My only friend is Jade."

"Where does Jade live?"

"Oh, um. She doesn't exactly live any more."


"She killed herself last April."

Harry looked at me like he was shocked that I would say such a thing.

"I kind of wish she didn't leave the note, you know? It is like a final good bye. Only it would have been better in person. I didn't need to know why she did it. I think I would be better if she didn't tell me."

"Why did she do it?"

"Do what?"

"Kill herself."

"That isn't your business."

"I'm sorry."

"No, you don't get this. You don't understand."


"Can I just go home, please?"

I could actually stand up now, with out the floor trying to knock me over. Everyone was still roaming around, even though it was about one in the morning now. I still felt a little woozy though. I honestly didn't like that.

"Sure. I could drive you if you'd like."

I didn't want to offend him, but I said "I'll just call my sister."

I had to make sure I didn't talk about any more of the bad things. I had to stay away from these people and get home. 

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