The Bad Things

The bad things. They were always racing through my mind. I couldn't make them go away no matter what I did. No one knew about the bad things. No one could help me with the bad things. They're always there. Always hurting me. I can't tell anyone about the bad things because the bad things are all secrets. Harry keeps trying to make me tell him what the bad things are, but I can't. They are all our little secrets. Not mine and Harry's, mine and the person who the secret belongs to. Who the secret lives inside of, but doesn't seem to do anything. But the secrets in me do everything. For, the secrets, are The Bad Things.


1. Chapter one


There is a really dirty table in the back of my science class room. Some kids call it the 'bad table' because all the bad kids go there. Other kids call it paradise because they can do what ever the want in that dirty table in the back of the science class. I call it the death table because the same person gets put at that table everyday, and that table is right behind my table.

Derek is really mean to me. When he gets put at the death table, he throws pieces of paper at me, and some times they have really bad notes on it.

One day he threw a piece of paper at me really hard. I didn't turn around or do anything, I just let him do what he pleased.

" I wrote you a note, Nami. Why don't you read it?"

I hesitantly picked up the paper and uncrumpled it. 

'Hey, Nami. It's almost spring break. Are you going to freak again?'

The note was not at all funny, but Derek was still laughing. His friends were laughing, too, but they didn't even know what the note said.

To be honest, I was actually looking forward to spring break this year. I'll get to go see my mom instead of living with my sister. Not that I didn't like living with my sister. It's just that we didn't exactly live together. I mean, we live in the same house, but when I'm home, she's not home. And when she's home, I'm at school. 

 "C'mon. Talk to me, Nami."

I hated the name Nami. I don't know why they call me Nami, because my name is actually Naomi.  They might think that's my name because every morning, my sister screams "Bye Nami!" really loud. She doesn't do it to be mean, its just how she said my name when she was little. It's a sister thing.  

The bell rang, and I went into the hallway. I started walking to my locker. The school was always very loud and crowded. A lot of kids were pushing others around, but in a friendly way. 

Some kids don't do it in a friendly way. Like Derek. He's pushes around a lot of boys. He never pushes me, or hits me, but he says mean things.

He says things about last year, and about my friend Jade. Or about my dad and what happened to him. Or about my brother and what happened to him. There are a lot of things that were wrong with my family. But they were all secrets. Mine and my dads, mine and my brothers, mine and Jades. The only normal ones were my mom and my sister. 

Ok, wait, I take that back. The only normal one was my mom. 

"Nami! Hey!" Derek walked up to me. "How are you this fine Friday morning?"

I didn't answer him.

"Aw, you aren't going to talk to me? I thought we were friends."

You thought wrong

"What do you got there, Nami? Another book? God, you sure do like reading."

He took the book from me and ripped the cover off, then the title page. Then the acknowledgements.

"Chapter one. Hmm, boring already."

He dropped the book and went on to his class. I picked up the ripped out pages, and the book. 

I did not like Derek that much. And I know that's bad because we are supposed to love everyone. But, he's just so mean. I don't like mean people. 

I like nice people. There aren't very many nice people. And all of the nice people are seniors. I'm only a sophomore. 

I don't get to see the nice people except for at football games, but I don't go to those, because I don't understand football. Why would you tackle people for a ball? It sounds really dumb to me. Or I could see them at the dances, only I don't go to those either. I don't know anyone there, and I don't want to dance with strangers. 


In math, the teacher said we were going to have a test after spring break, so she wanted us to study hard over break. Our English teacher asked us who would read for fun over break. No one raised their hand, not even me. But my teacher and I shared a knowing look. 

When the bell rang, a bunch of kids were running loose around the hallways. Derek must have been so excited, he didn't find it necessary to be mean to me today.

I was grateful for that.



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