Nothings Okay

Love sex hate relationships confusion selfharm death drugs alcohol


1. That Guy

No ones POV

As Emily's alarm clock went off she slowly raised up out of bed.Walking to her closet to pull out her red skinny jeans,gold sparkley crop top, and her solid gold Michael Kors flats.

Emily's POV

I walked into my bathroom showered,got dressed,and finally did my makeup.I put on my foundation ,concealer ,then I did my occasional smokey-eye,and I topped it all off with mascara eyeliner,and some clearly naked pink lipgloss.I put my hair into a messy bun,and I grabbed my messenger-bag,iPhone 4,and walked downstairs.My mom handed me a cinnamon roll,and wished me good look for junior year,and I walked outside.I fished my keys out of my bag and started my car.As I took off my ex boyfriends car came speeding towards me. I slammed on the breaks and wished for the best,I heard a loud crash,and then when I looked up glass was everywhere.I got out of the car and walked up to his sorry ass. I'm sorry he muttered. No sorry won't cut it Chris my brand new mustang just got totaled because of your ignorant ass.Look Emily I'm sorry okay please don't hold a grudge. A fucking grudge what are you talking about you asshole you slept with Cassie while you were dating me. I slapped him and walked away. I arrived at school. And everyone stared at me they either saw glass or heard about this morning. I walked into the bathroom and saw no glass. Just as I was about to leave the bitch I mean Cassie walked in.

Cassie's POV

So dork I mean Emily no i mean dork I heard about this morning and you are gonna pay my baby never did anything to you. Cassie don't even fucking start she said cause 1 he told me he like me and turned around and kissed another girl 2 he slept with you while he was dating me and 3 he just totaled my new car this morning but I bet he didn't tell you that part huh move Cassie oh no I mean bitch. What no one calls me a bitch you will pay...whore.

Emily's POV

The bell rang for second period and I let the classroom just as I walked out the door a guy and his group of friends came by and he ran into me,knocking my books folders and papers onto the floor.Oh my god look where you are going next time you...I got cut of by him looking up at me with beautiful hazel eyes. Um..I Im so sorry I stuttered it was all my fault I wasn't looking where I was going are you okay?um yeah I'm fine he said looking at his shoes ugh boys. So what's your name he asked oh yeah I'm Emily and you I'm Zayn.Uh you mean like the Zayn Malik from one direction and and that uh that's the rest of the band oh my gawd I can't believe it ahhhh.

Zayn's POV

Shhhh I just want to be a normal kid so I came to a school where no one knows about us well except for you of course.Ill give you backstage passes or something if you promise to keep it a secret.oh it's fine she said I don't have any friends to tell anyways.what no friends we'll look um Emily we were gonna got to dance class after this wanna join.ummm sure I'll come thanks she exclaimed.your welcome we'll meet you at the break field after school our new choreagropher will pick us up then. Okay sounds good she said walking away.~7th period~ I've been thinking about that Emily girl all day she is so beautiful and I heard about that boy that ran over her this morning ohh when I find out who it is I'm gonna pound his face in.

Emily's POV

Ahh it's 7th period I'm not even focusing on the teacher I'm daydreaming about Zayn. He is hoooooot!

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