Love bites (harder then ever)

Love hurts(harder then ever) is a book about a girl who is in love with a boy that is 18 or so she thought....... It al starts when two sisters meet two hot 18 year old boys. There will be love,vampires,sexy boys shirtless,blood will be spilt and a truth so shocking it was covered in lies.


1. the talk

Lilly's POV :

It was around 7:30 in the morning when my mom called up to my room.

"Lilly time to get up it is your first day of high school"mom yelled.

I was already up and dressed but then I stoped I thought it was going to be like any other school day but boy was I wrong. I went down stairs ate some pancakes then I rode to school with my sister Miko . The first thing we saw was two super hot boys and they looked right at us. The one on the right was very tall and I really like him but the one on the left had a six pack Miko liked him.

"They are so hot what do you think Miko" I said.

"Yea they are so hot" Miko said.

When they walked over I fainted and when I woke up they were still there.

" Hi my name is Ashton " the very tall boy said.

"Hey I'm Lilly "I said.

(In my head) wow he is so hot if he asks me out I will say yes for sure there I thought it.

"Do you want to go to the party to start the year off right" he said with a friendly smile.

"Sure where is it" I said with a smile.

"At my place"he said.


I know it is a short chapter but please vote

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