Friends or Foes

The New Best friends Zayne ( The low class bad boy ) and Sam ( The high class good girl ) get in a huge argument when Zayne says he wants to ask out this new girl named Makenzie Forest. Zayne has had a HUGE crush on Sam since third grade, but when he changes his mind so does Sam. After all ahe did break up with her boyfriend for Zayne. Sam gets jealous and decides to never talk to him again. ~Read to see what happends after the argument, after all will they be Friends or Foes?


1. The Big Yes

I looked around the room laughing sarcastically, thinking about the friendship i had just lost. My head began to spin and i knew i had seen a side of Zayne i never thought i would ever see. I sat down and drank some water hoping i would regain my still matter. I closed my eyes and fell asleep on the couch, hoping to forget this day. I woke up the next morning from the beep of the skype messaging. I  thought to myself, I am not forgiving you, so leave me alone. I look at the message, and my eyes open wide. It wasn't at all Zayne, it was Ryan. My heart began to beat faster and faster as i read every letter and combined it into words, He showed how he is the real man, not Zayne. I had been starstruck, and almost passed out, because i was so happy. I screamed yes! yes! yes! Ryan had asked me to be his girl  again, i was so happy! I replied and said yes, i forgive you. I said i was sorry that i had said he was a jerk and stuff, but right away he forgived. I gained my full spirit and completely forgot about last night, and hugged the pillow as if it were Ryan. I told him soon after the big yes, that me and Zayne were no longer friends, i showed him the chat we had the night before. He just laughed and said he is such a dweeb, am i right? I agreeded. I was no longer that low class girl with no boyfriend. Right away we started gaining back our happy relationship. He is such a gentlemen, i love him so much. Which i tell him. We joke around saying we hate eachother, and making jokes about not being able to get girls and guys. I laugh and get goosebumps all over, thinking of my perfect boyfriend. Could life be any better?

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