Tattooed Heart

He never meant to be a bad boy. He never wanted to fight, but if it's to protect his mum, he'll do anything for her. This warrior has a deep dark secret and is vulnerable when he's around her. She's the one who unlocks it all.

(Hi, it's Maya. I am the same author of this story from Wattpad, so don't think I stole this story, because I am the same person who had posted this on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy)


12. Twelve

It had been only seven in the morning when Zayn woke up. He rubbed his eyes, and turned his head. At the far end of the bed, Evie-Mae had been sound asleep.

He noticed that Evie-Mae had been wearing one of his shirts, and it only covered up to her mid-thighs. He lifted himself up with one elbow, and took a look around the room. Pants and shirts were thrown onto the floor, and shoes were kicked to the side.

Could it be? Could they have done it?

Dirty thoughts of sex soon rolled through Zayn's mind, and caused him to grow worried. Zayn slowly lifted the blanket, and looked down at his lower body. The piece of cloth he had been hoping for was still there, and his worry had washed away.

But there was still one question in mind: Did he do anything to her?

He tried to process what happened last night, but no sort of memories had appeared. Maybe nothing had happened, and he was worried for no reason.

Evie-Mae soon rolled over, and her eyes popped open like a squeezed bottle. She stared at him for a moment, and broke into a cheesy smile.

This had made Zayn smile, too. He reached out for her, and pulled her into his arms. He hovered over her, and pressed his lips to hers. She loosely wrapped her arms around his neck, and guided him down on her.

She rubbed her nose against his, as he tried to kiss her again. He missed aimlessly, because she had pulled away before he even got one chance.

He whined, "Babe."

This made her giggle. She liked to tease him, because she like the way he tried so hard to get her to kiss him.

She finally gave in, and pressed her lips to his. Zayn had taken the opportunity to lift her up, and flip her so she was on top now. She sat on his lower stomach, and leaned into him.

"You look so good on top." Zayn whispered as she leaned into him.

This made her blush, and hid her face into his lower chest. He chuckled, and wrapped his arms around her. It had became silent, but it wasn't the awkward kind.

"Did we do it, Evie-Mae?" Zayn had broken the soothing silence.

"Do what?" She responded, looking up into his eyes.

"Did we have sex?" Zayn asked, biting his lower lip nervously.

"No, we didn't," She answered, "but we kissed."

She looked up at him, a small grin appearing onto her face. She leaned in, and pressed her lips against his.

Zayn had broken away, and just admired her sleepy features. Her messy bed head, with her hair sticking out in some spots. Her eyes looked less bright, but they still shone. She was so beautiful, even when she wakes up early on a Sunday morning.

"Are you hungry, babe?" Zayn asked, lightly pulling a strand of hair and twisting it.

"A little, but I need to call my dad first and make sure he's alright." Evie-Mae responded, rolling off of him and getting up from bed.

She walked over to the desk, and opened her bag. She stuck her hand in the purse, and reached for her phone. She pulled it out, turning on the cracked screen.

She unlocked the phone, and dialed her father's number. She started a call, and her father's voice soon filled her ear.

"Where were you last night?" Her father had asked her, with a stern tone.

"I-I stood over a friend's house. It was very late, and they offered me to stay at their house for the night." Evie-Mae said, twirling a strand of her hair.

"Oh, what time will you be home, then?" Her father then replied.

She turned around to look at Zayn, who had mouthed the word "four". He also held four fingers up.

"Hello?" Her father called out.

"Oh, um, I'll be home around four." Evie-Mae responded.

"Alright, I'll see you then. Love you, sweetheart." He agreed on the time, and hung up.

Evie-Mae watched as the screen went black, and fiddled with the phone in her hand.

She thought back to the night Zayn came over her house, when he angered her enough to throw the table over. Everything that happened that one night had been such a huge shock.

He remembered when Zayn and her father had met, and how awkward it had been. Once he left, her father had asked about Zayn, who she had lied about, saying that he was a friend from Uni.

He warned her about guys plenty of times before, and he wasn't afraid to do it again.

They were heartbreakers.

Her father had told her this millions of times in high school, when she developed a crush on a guy named Gregory, who had been a big jerk to her. She seemed heartbroken at first, and then she moved on from that experience with a boy.

She then remembered when Zayn had quickly fled that night to "go feed his dog".

It then occurred to her: Did Zayn really have a dog? If not, why did he have to leave so soon?

"Zayn, do you really have a dog?" She asked, out of the blue.

He chuckled, "No, but I used to. His name was Tyson."

Evie-Mae nodded, and then went back into her thought. She then remembered that when he stood over that night, he smelled slightly of alcohol. Had he gone to a pub?

"Zayn, do you drink?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah, water, milkshakes, soda..." His voice trailed off, a hint of amusement in his eyes.

She grinned, but knew he was not telling the truth. She didn't want to push it, though. If she did, she knew it going to start another fight. And secretly, she liked the way he kissed her, even if it was too quick to start a relationship with a man she met almost two weeks ago.

She felt different around Zayn, like the only person he loved.

But her question was: Did he truly love her?

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