Tattooed Heart

He never meant to be a bad boy. He never wanted to fight, but if it's to protect his mum, he'll do anything for her. This warrior has a deep dark secret and is vulnerable when he's around her. She's the one who unlocks it all.

(Hi, it's Maya. I am the same author of this story from Wattpad, so don't think I stole this story, because I am the same person who had posted this on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy)


3. Three

"Come on, Ev, you have to go to at least one party. A little party never killed anyone." A girl with copper hair and blue eyes begged.

"No, Beth. I promised myself I'd study for my Physics test." Evie-Mae replied, sighing again and running a hand through her blonde hair.

"Please?" Beth begged, "I want you to come. You need to get out and have fun."

"I do have fun." Evie-Mae stated.

"Really? You work at the library and read books to children for God's sake!" Beth cried.

"Fine! Fine! I'll go but I'm not drinking or doing drugs or anything. I'm just gonna go, but I'm not gonna be in the activities." Evie-Mae complied.

"Yay! Let's go! We have to go get you ready!" Beth said ecstatically.

"How do I look?" Evie-Mae asked.

"Amazing! Look!" Beth said, spinning the chair around.

Evie-Mae looked in the mirror. Her blonde hair was straightened. She had light make-up and a flower crown sat at the top of her head. She smiled and examined her dress. It looked nice; she looked nice.

"Okay, let's go. We don't want to be late." Beth said, rushing her to the car.

They reached the house and parked. Evie-Mae and Beth walked inside. The party was complete chaos. The music was so loud, the house floors and walls vibrated. This was definitely not a little party.

Many people were grinding against each other. Evie-Mae decided that she should let Beth get her party on, so she wandered around the house alone.

She reached a door that led to the backyard. She looked, and there was a underground pool with water overflowing. She sat on the nearest chair and sat, watching everyone have a good time.

Zayn noticed her and decided to join her. She noticed him when she looked up at his chocolate eyes.

"Is anyone sitting here?" He asked.

"No, you can sit if you want." She replied.

"What are you doing all alone?" Zayn asked.

"My friend begged me to come. I didn't really want to, though." Evie-Mae answered.

"Oh." He said.

He thought she was a beautiful girl. Her aquaish-blue eyes and her blonde hair complemented her beautiful skin tone and her body shape. She was very sweet and had a cute Geordie accent.

"So, what do you do for fun?" She asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"I sketch, just little doodles. It's not anything big. You?" Zayn replied.

"Well, I like to read or write. I like to read to kids, it's really weird." Evie-Mae was shy around Zayn, and he could tell.

"That's not weird! That's really nice." Zayn exclaimed.

"Yeah, okay." Evie-Mae blushed.

"Do you, maybe, want to go to a diner or something?" Zayn shyly offered.

"Yeah, I guess. But I have to come back and get my friend." Evie-Mae replied.

"Don't worry. I'll take her home after we go to eat." Zayn reassured her.

"Okay." Evie-Mae smiled.

And they left the party.

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