Tattooed Heart

He never meant to be a bad boy. He never wanted to fight, but if it's to protect his mum, he'll do anything for her. This warrior has a deep dark secret and is vulnerable when he's around her. She's the one who unlocks it all.

(Hi, it's Maya. I am the same author of this story from Wattpad, so don't think I stole this story, because I am the same person who had posted this on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy)


13. Thirteen

Zayn had dropped off Evie-Mae off at home, and made his way over to Danny's house. He wanted to fight that bastard, who had been eying his girl the night before at Andy's house.

He arrived at the complex building, with all the flats in a mini complex building like how Andy lived in; this one was older, and was less appealing to the citizens of Bradford. He parked his car, and walked up to Danny's door.

He rang the bell, and heard Danny's footsteps approach the door. Danny had opened the door, his face in shock at his unexpected guest.

"Aye, Zayn! What's up, bro?" Danny welcomed him.

"Don't play that bullshit with me. You know what you did." Zayn rolled his eyes.

"Not really. I don't know what you're talking about, Zayn." Danny was confused, "Wanna give me a hint?"

Danny knew that Zayn had deep feelings for Evie-Mae. He knew damn well that Zayn would not let one dirty hand touch his girl, which was his only prized possession. Zayn loved her, and knew that she was pure. She had a heart of gold, and Zayn wanted to be the one who kept her safe in his arms.

"Listen here, you little prick. You keep your filthy hands away from Evie-Mae. You have your little sex dolls, so don't come running over to my girl. She's mine, and if you lay one finger on her, you're dead. Got it?" Zayn was very angry, his face as red as a tomato.

Zayn gripped Danny's shoulders, and kneed him in his private part. Danny grabbed his hit spot, groaning. Zayn then jabbed him in the jaw, and walked away.

Danny held himself up, using the doorframe, and looked towards Zayn's direction.

"You'll regret that, Malik." He called out to Zayn, a smirk slightly playing on his lips.

"Fuck you." Zayn shouted back, flipping off Danny with his middle finger.

Zayn hopped into his car, and drove away. He was livid. No man can touch Evie-Mae except for Zayn, himself. She was too delicate.

He slowly calmed down, and called Evie-Mae. She answered on the second ring, and seemed to be in a good mood.

"Babe, wanna go for ice cream?" Zayn asked, a smile lightening up onto his face.

"Sure, there's one by my place, and they make good Rocky Road ice cream." Evie-Mae replied, suggesting a place to go.

"Okay, beautiful. I'll be there in five minutes." Zayn replied.

He was at Evie-Mae's in the next five minutes. She had the front door open, but the glass door closed, and was sitting on the kitchen counter. She was texting on her phone. Zayn quietly shut his car door, and snuck into the house without her noticing.

"You know, you shouldn't leave the front door open, or a stranger can come in and hurt you." Zayn said, leaning against the wall of the dining room.

"Sorry, dad." She apologized, without looking up.

Zayn smirked, "I'm not your father, but I can be your 'daddy'."

She then looked up, and realized that it was Zayn. She hopped off the counter, and ran over to him. She hugged him tightly, inhaling his strong aftershave scent.

"Hey, 'daddy'." Evie-Mae teased.

"Hey, babe," He chuckled, pecking her lips, "You ready?"

"Yup, let's go." She replied.

They left the house, and drove down the street to the ice cream spot. They split a Rocky Road on a cone, and sat together on the bench, Evie-Mae cuddled underneath his arm.

It was a nice Sunday evening. Children were playing and adults were talking. It was a nice day, and everyone seemed to be in a great mood.

"Do you have a nickname, Evie-Mae?" Zayn asked.

"Well, a lot of my peers at school call me 'Eve', for short." She responded.

"Would it be alright if I called you 'Eve'?" Zayn asked.

"Sure. I wouldn't mind." Evie-Mae smiled.

Zayn turned his body, and pulled Evie-Mae on his lap. She leaned her head in the crook of his neck, and played with the string of his sweatshirt.

'This is too much for a week and a half of knowing him', Evie-Mae thought.

Evie-Mae knew that it was too fast, yet, she loved the way he made her feel. She loved the way he treated her, but why did it hurt to return that same treatment? She liked him, as much as he liked her, but she had nothing to offer.

"What're you thinking about, babe?" Zayn whispered.

"Oh, nothing." She lied, a small grin taking over of her face.

"Are you sure?" Zayn was concerned, "Don't be afraid to tell me."

That's exactly what she was afraid of. She knew that she was going to upset him with the truth.

"I'm sure." She looked up at him, and pecked his cheek.

"Wow, friend-zoned." Zayn rolled his eyes.

"What?" Evie-Mae was confused.

"I'm kidding, babe. Loosen up a little." Zayn chuckled, kissing her lips.

Zayn kissed her with passion, but she didn't return the same favor. Instead, she barely responded, and her eyes were wide open. It seemed unusual to Zayn, so he pulled away, the confusion causing him to become upset.

"Eve, you're not okay. Do you want to go home?" Zayn asked, slightly hurt by her response to the kiss.

"Yeah, I just remembered that I have homework to do, and I have a Algebra test to study for." She said, looking down at her lap.

"Okay." Zayn whispered.

The ride on the way home was silent, not a sound in the car. The radio had been muted, which made the silence even more awkward.

Zayn pulled up to the front of Evie-Mae's house, and parked the car. She took off the seatbelt, and gathered her belongings.

She looked over at Zayn, who had been texting on his phone.

"Bye, Zayn." She said, opening the car door.

He turned his face, and watched as she shut the door to the car. Zayn had really been bothered by the fact that she had been acting strange, all of a sudden.

His first instinct was to get out the car, so that's what he did. Evie-Mae had heard the car door shut, so she turned around. Zayn walked up the steps, and pulled Evie-Mae closer.

He cupped her face, and leaned in close. His Rocky Road ice cream breath had filled her senses. She knew that he was going to kiss her, so she went along with it.

"I love you, Evie-Mae Alexanders." He kissed her lips, and then her cheek.

He backed away, and ran towards his car. He hopped in, and drove away, waving at her as he drove off, she returning the wave.

Evie-Mae came back to her senses, and unlocked the door. She stepped inside, and shut it closed. She hastily ran up the stairs to her bedroom door, slamming it closed and running to her bed.

As soon as her face hit the pillow, she cried and cried, and never stopped.

She was in love trouble.

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