Tattooed Heart

He never meant to be a bad boy. He never wanted to fight, but if it's to protect his mum, he'll do anything for her. This warrior has a deep dark secret and is vulnerable when he's around her. She's the one who unlocks it all.

(Hi, it's Maya. I am the same author of this story from Wattpad, so don't think I stole this story, because I am the same person who had posted this on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy)


5. Five

"Evie-Mae!" Beth called out, "Wait up!"

Evie-Mae quickened her pace. She didn't want to deal with Beth right now. She ignored her and continued on to her writing class.

"Ev!" Beth called.

"What?! What could you possibly want, Bethany?!" Evie-Mae responded.

Beth was a bit taken back. She stepped back, watching Evie-Mae's facial features lock. Her eyes burned with fury.

"I'm sorry. Did I catch you at a bad time?" Beth squeaked.

"Yes. You did, Bethany. I am so done with you and your bullshit. You have caused me trouble, and I'm sick of it. I'm done. I don't want to talk or see you ever again!" Evie-Mae answered, her voice booming with anger.

This caused others to turn their heads. Evie-Mae backed off and ran to her Math class. Bethany was clueless as to what she did. She shook herself out of her stance, and walked away to her math class.

After University, Evie-Mae took a long walk home. She was not in the mood to talk to anyone. She unlocked the door, pushing it open with small force.

When she got in, she noticed her father sitting at the kitchen table with his daily paper and a bowl of cereal. Today he was going to be working a night shift at his part-time job in a complex building in a town a short distance away from Bradford.

He usually took off from his regular job, to take up a night shift from time to time. The complex building was for adults with lots of money who wanted to live in a fancy building.

Tonight, the management of this building is having a fancy dinner in the party room, and more doormen are needed. He had to dress a bit nice, wearing the theme choice of color similar to aquamarine.

"Hello, father." Evie-Mae interrupted him.

He sat his paper on the table, peering up at her. He smiled, "Hello, Evie-Mae."

She shut the front door, and sat her bag on the top of the first step of the stair case.

She took her coat off and hung it on the coat hanger. She made her way to the kitchen and sat across from her father. Her phone had vibrated, signaling a text from an unknown number.


Evie-Mae decided that she should find out who it is. She responded with, "Who's number is this?"

It could've been a friend from class, or an old number deleted by accident. Her old iPhone scarred with cracks all over. She was waiting for her upgrade, which was a couple of weeks away.

Another message came, and said: "It's me, Zayn. Remember me?"

Of course she remember she remembered Zayn. He was the guy who gave her a lift home from that house party, last Friday. She smiled and responded, "Hey, Zayn! :)"

"Hey, Evie-Mae!" He responded.

They continued to talk on and on, for hours straight, until Evie-Mae fell asleep.

Evie-Mae really liked this guy that she met. He was genuinely nice and had such proper ways of greeting and talking to others. It wasn't hard to find someone like him, but he did it so good.

"Goodnight, Zayn. :)" Evie-Mae said.

"Goodnight, gorgeous. X- ZM" Zayn replied.

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