Tattooed Heart

He never meant to be a bad boy. He never wanted to fight, but if it's to protect his mum, he'll do anything for her. This warrior has a deep dark secret and is vulnerable when he's around her. She's the one who unlocks it all.

(Hi, it's Maya. I am the same author of this story from Wattpad, so don't think I stole this story, because I am the same person who had posted this on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy)


15. Fifteen

Zayn and Evie-Mae sat across each other in a small pizzeria. They split a small pie, and made small talk.

Evie-Mae's phone vibrated, a name showing up on the screen.

"We should go for coffee at Starbucks one afternoon for a Algebra final study-session.- L.P."

Evie-Mae smiled, "Of course! I'd love to!"

Zayn was jealous. Who was making her smile besides him? Who was telling her they loved the way she looked and how she smiled?

"Excuse me, I'm gonna use the restroom." She excused herself and walked towards the back of the pizzeria.

She left her phone on the table, making it easy for Zayn to see who was texting her.

The phone vibrated, and lit up. He read the name of the person: Liam Payne.

As he read the text, Evie-Mae returned. Her neutral expression turned into a shocked one. She gasped, causing Zayn to look up.

"Are you looking through my phone?" She asked, walking up to him and snatching the phone.

"N-No, I was just text- I mean checking the time." Zayn stuttered, looking up guiltily into her furious blue eyes.

"Zayn, just stop! I can't take it anymore. I need to leave. Goodbye, Zayn." She said, grabbing her belongings, and heading for the exit.

Zayn stood up, "Eve, wait."

She ignored him and pulled the door open. She looked back at him once more, a tear streaming down her face. She then looked ahead, and turned to her left.

Zayn sat down again, his head in his hands. He pulled his soft hair as his tears tingled on his stubbly facial-haired face.

He wiped the tears and stood up. He grabbed his belongings, and went to pay.

He then left, and went to his car. He hopped in, and screamed. He knew that he messed up. He shouldn't have done that.

Evie-Mae was close to home, but the tears continued to stream down her face. She trusted Zayn, and she didn't want him to not trust her.

She didn't know what to feel. She really liked him, but she didn't want to be in a relationship. She just wanted to get to know Zayn better.

"It's better if you just stay away for him for a while, Evie-Mae," She thought to herself.

Zayn knew that he had to apologize, but he also knew that she won't talk to him. He just wished that she wouldn't act so serious.

He just wanted to be the one she loved.

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