The boy with the eyes

Hazel James is your average 15 year old girl. She has never been that outgoing type. She doesn't really care what others think of her, and she HATES makeup! When she moves to Nashville, Tennessee, she meets a boy.


4. the 1st date

I wake up in the morning really early because i was worried about Spirit. I take my hair out of my braid to reveal my wavy hair that i wish was natural! I walk outside and find my Nana talking-to some guy outside about Spirit. I go outside. " Nana who's this?" The person turns around. "COLIN?!" "HAZEL?! we meet again. What are you doing here?" " Im living here. What are you doing here?" " I work for your grandma. I am her stable boy and her vet. Nice PJs." " OH. UM.. thanks." I am so embarrassed. They are Hello Kitty PJs." Hazel stop grinning like a big idiot!" my nana says. I have been staring at him for 5 minutes! He snickers and looks down at his feet. " Sorry." I turn bright red! " I was just talking about Spirit to ur Nana. HE will be doing a lot better if u keep giving him his meds." He walks up to me and gives me a bottle. " thanks so much colin for everything. I will leave you two be." She gives me a wink and walks inside. " I can't believe I'm seeing you again. Its like fate." He gives me a side smirk. " i don't believe in that stuff" " well i do. And i believe that we are meant to be together."" oh please." i roll my eyes. "Do u wanna go somewhere?" I nod. He tells me to get Shelly or penny and meet him in the front of the house. I go inside. " Nana I'm going on a ride with Colin. Tell dad i will be home soon." " um.. Hazel,' "ya?" " you might wanna get out of your pajamas and into some clothes." I look down at myself. " CRAP! I should probably do that. " I run into my room. And trow on ripped jeans, a plaid tie up shirt, my favorite cowboy boots, and my moms cowboy hat ( )        

"alright say bye to dad for me." I run to the back and get Shelly.  I walk her to the front of the house where i see colin petting his beautiful black stallion. " Wow! Your horse is beautiful!" i yell to him. He walks towards me. "Thanks but not as beautiful as you." HE smiles and i blush. " For the record i like you better in your PJs." I laugh. " Ya sorry you had to see me like that. I wasn't really expecting you." he laughs. " So are you ready to go?" He asks me. " yup. Where are we going exactly?" " Thats for me to know and you to find out." We rode together on the horses and just talked about everything. I told him about my mom and how we moved because of my dad.

"Here we are." In front of me was a picnic in the middle of the field." O my gosh colin! This is so beautiful!" " come one lets go. IM starving." We tie our horses to a log and walk to the picnic. There are candels set up and a rose in a vase. " Colin! This is so amazing! Thank you soo much!" I jump up into his arms and hug him. GOD!! his hugs are so amazing! When we pull apart our faces are just inches away from each others. He leans in slowly and, "So! Lets eat." I step away. He gave me the puppy dog eyes. " sorry.But i don't kiss on the first date." i smirk and start walking to the picnic. later he joins me. We talked about everything! Favorite foods to our worst fears. " I am terrified of worms." Colin says. " really? huh, interesting." I laugh. " What?" he asks "OH nothing. U just got a little something on your nose." HE had whipped cream on his nose from the pie. I grab my napkin and wipe it of. Next thing i know i have a pie in my face. " Ohhhh I'm gonna get you Ford! Im gonna get you!" "Your gonna have to catch me first." HE gets up and starts to run. I chase him and chase him. Suddenly i loose sight of him. Where did he go? By the time i stopped running all of the pie was off my face. I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist spinning me around. "Ahh Colin!" i kick my legs. He put me down. We are looking at each others eyes he says, " WOW! Your beautiful even with pie on your face." He caresses my face and puts a strand of my hair behind my ear. He leans in and at that point i didn't care if i kiss on the first date. The moment our lips met fireworks went off inside of me. MY body started to heat up. It was a very soft and sweet kiss. We pulled away without saying anything and walked back to our horses.

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