The boy with the eyes

Hazel James is your average 15 year old girl. She has never been that outgoing type. She doesn't really care what others think of her, and she HATES makeup! When she moves to Nashville, Tennessee, she meets a boy.


3. Homecomeing... Kinda

*4 hours later*

We arrive at the airport. I am so tired i can barley keep my eyes open. The flight over here was great! I slept just a bit. We drove to my nana's house because we are gonna stay there until we find a house that is a suitable price range. She lives in a beautiful house on a even more beautiful ranch. She owns 3 horses. Shelly, Penny, and Spirit, thats mine. I was originally from Nashville but then my dads job got moved when i was just a kid to California and now we are back. When we arrive to her house she opens the door before we even knocked.

" HAZEL OH MY BEAUTIFUL GRANDAUGHTER!!' "NANA!" I run towards her and give her a big hug. ' well i see. The granddaughter is more important then your grandson." my brother says mopeing. " oh come here my big boy!" Nana releases from the hug and goes to Dylan. "thats more like it" i snicker. "hello George." "hi Ana. How are you?" " I'm doing fine." 


After we said our hellos and we caught up i asked Nana if i could go take Spirit out for a ride. The stable is right in the backyard. I walk out the back door and see Spirit. His black spots and brown coat got even older. His mane was still a beautiful,jet black color . " Hi boy. I've missed you so much!" I hug him and rub his snout. I brush him and clean his hoofs before we go out for a ride. I get my favorite saddle and bridal and head out. It was 4 and the sun was getting lower. I usually take a route through the field but i wanted to explore my home. I walked along the street admiring all the open roads for miles and miles. All of a sudden Spirit starts acting up. " Woah boy Woah!" He lifts his hind legs in the air. I get thrown off and Spirit falls to the ground. It takes me awhile to get conscious and when i do i rush over to Spirit. He got bit by a snake. I don't know what to do. All i do so i try to calm him down. Then i see a faint silhouette walking towards me. " HELP PLEASE!!MY HORSE JSUT GOT BIT!!" The shape starts running. Its a guy. Probably 16 or 17 years old. He's actually really cute! "please help!" he neals down to Spirit.

   " your lucky i know how to help a snake bite." I smile. " just please help him. "

" My house is is right around the corner. Let me get my kit."

​     "HURRY" He starts to run towards the house. A few minutes later he comes back with a big first aid box. " oh god! Thank you so much!" He just smiles and gets to work. " Your not from around here are you?" " i was born here but then i moved and now I'm back for good." He continues to bandage up Spirits leg. " Im Colin by the way." A cute guy with a cute name.Thats cool with me. "Hazel James." We shake hands and look into each others eyes. We stay in that position for a while. His beautiful eyes are mesmerizing. I snap out of the trance and look away. Form the corner of my eyes i still see him starring at me. "Your not gonna be able to heal my horse if you look at me the entire time." I look up at him and he starts to blush. he just smiles and focus' his attention to the wound. " He will be alright. He can't ride for a couple of days. but he can walk. you can't ride on him because the pressure of your body will hurt the wound." So i have to walk home. Great! " ok thanks." he helps me get Spirit up on his feet. " Thanks again for all your gel." I say "No thanks necessary. I am glad to help a pretty girl like you." I just smile and blush. I could feel my cheeks getting red. " Well, bye" I turn around and start heading home. I look back hope in the instill looking at me but i see him walking away into the sunset.

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